Saturday, November 29, 2008

Last Day- Day 28

Soul Coaching is coming to a close! I'm having an off day so I am going to write my post before I go on to thank you's so you know why they might not sound as enthusiastic as I wish they would.

I don't know what's wrong. I am just not able to do today's exercise. It has nothing to do with the exercise, it's my mood. I feel so... empty. I'm looking at things but not really seeing them. I'm not really feeling anything. It's weird.

I want to open my heart of light and let it radiate out. I've done it before. When I do Free Hugs that is what it is like. I'm opening my heart and giving everyone warmth. Why can't I feel that way today? I keep closing my eyes and shaking my head hoping the empty feeling will just go away. It's still here, though. I think I need to revisit today's task at a later day.

What I find oddest is that I know what I should be feeling. Right now I should be feeling excited and happy. We went to Keene and I got an amazing book that I think is going to be just as helpful as Soul Coaching. It's called Wreck This Journal by Keri Smith. I should want to go and start on it right away. I sort of do, but at the same time I know I won't get much enjoyment out of it in my current mood.

I do want to thank everyone I have met this month! I have loved reading all your posts and learning more about myself by working with you. I am going to miss Soul Coaching. It's been one fun month. Our journies are just beginning, though! We will continue on them to grow and learn more and more. I wish I could reach through and hug everyone. I wish I could do more than just say thank you. Thank you to everyone! But a very, very, big thank you to Jamie! If you hadn't started The Next Chapter I would not have bought Soul Coaching or met everyone I have through it.

I won't say I'll miss you all, because that would mean we were saying good bye! We still have our blogs, and we will still be in touch. It feels like the end of a book because technically it is, but we have plenty more books. =) Good luck to everyone.


  1. Today was just an off day... we all have those days, please do not beat yourself up for it, your essence is love and that shines through in all your blog posts.

    It was a blessing to share this journey with you Tori. Thank you! Blessings to you, Nicole x

  2. I love Wreck this Journal! It's also fun to see what others do with the book. Take a look at:

    Good Luck!!

  3. Tori,

    Today is where you need to be have empty hands so you can receive more presents....and just be thats the beauty of the circle there is no competition for the best process or blog its just being who we are that matters.


  4. Keri Smith is so amazing - you are going to have a blast with that book.
    We've all worked hard and put in alot of time this month - take a down day when it comes!
    I'll be back to check up on you.

  5. I am looking forward to reading about your new adventure into Wreck This Journal :)

    Just sit back and let the feeling be, honey. No matter what it is, it will take you where you need to go.

    Always rootin' for you :)


  6. Keri Smith is certainly a wonderful inspiration and I'm sure you will have fun with her book.

    I so agree....while we end the 'soul coaching' book journey, our journey as friends continues.

    I am so happy that our paths have crossed too.

    love, light and peace,

  7. Sounds normal to me. Endings are a let down. But - we're not going to let it end. We've become friends through laughter and tears.

    I don't know Keri Smith's work - so you'll just have to blog about it so that I can continue my quest to be an odd old lady.

    Bright Blessings my friend.
    Blessed Be

  8. be gentle with yourself...
    and you're right, this is not goodbye, it's only a new beginning in many ways... i will definitely be keeping up with your journey. keri smith rocks, and you will too!

  9. Tori - I've so enjoyed being on this journey with you - & also looking forward to our next adventures! Do post as you start wrecking your journal :)

    One of the nicest things about this adventure 'ending' is that we're already in e-contact!

    blessings, & thanks for all you share!

  10. Tori, it is hard to open your heart up when you're feeling empty, so just make peace with that for now and try later when you can. Just by participating, you have opened up your heart all month long and I have appreciated all of your stories and your words. This definitely isn't good-bye!

  11. You are so open and forthright with your feelings. That is so honorable. It just isn't the right moment to open your heart and radiate. Just wait. Be patient. When it is the right moment, it will happen and it will be great because you know how!
    I have loved experiencing this journey with you. Thank you for your candor. I will be around;)

  12. Hey, wonderful you, you are so, so welcome. It's been my joy and such a pleasure to get to know you. I look forward to sharing more journeys :)

    Have fun with Wreck this Journal!

  13. YOU are an amazing young woman Miss Tori and it has been a pleasure journeying with you.. take time with day 28, you can always come back to it.. I didn't do alot of it either but have bookmarked some things that I wish to come back to..
    cannot wait to see your journey with your next book.. I haven't heard of it but will certainly take time to find out about it.
    love & much bliss to you xoxo