Friday, November 27, 2009


Wow I've been busy! Shopping, cooking, crying because I messed up while cooking, crying because I accidentally turned my white clothes pink (Anyone know how to fix that?!), being angry at my parents because they cleaned and painted over at the new house on Thanksgiving. I went to Walmart with my mom and aunt at 5 this morning. CRAZY! Then we went back again later to buy paint for the house, not so crazy. It's like after 8AM it turned into a regular shopping day there. I need to go back to Walmart for a 3rd time in a little while so I can buy even more paint for my room. I can't wait until it's all painted so I can show you the pictures! Speaking of the house, when I was there last night I noticed that it has got this really weird vibe to it. It definitely needs a cleansing to get rid of the energy from the previous tenants. I know there are a lot of different ways to do that, so I am looking for suggestions on what your favorite method is.

As promised, I have pictures. This is just the desserts. We had the same old dinner that most people have. Turkey, stuffing, etc.

Chocolate Pecan Pie. YUM! I took this pic before I cut into it. It tastes like a fudgy brownie filled with pecans. I made the crust myself, and it looked nice, but it got destoryed during transport from my house to my grandparent's house.

Homemade whipped cream. :)

Some of my cousin's carrot cake that I took home.

This is the cheesecake I messed up on. It still tastes delicious.

Oreo Torte. Probably the most delicious thing I've ever eaten. This is the one I left at home for us.

This is the one I brought for my family to eat.

The cats just got to lay around all day. They looked so cute I just had to get some pictures.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving Week Schedule

Hello from New Hampshire! I skipped out on the knowledge bowl, awards ceremony and whatever other fun stuff they had planned for us today up at NECI. I'm home now and I have a busy schedule. My parents gave me money and I need to go grocery shopping today to get food for Thanksgiving. Tomorrow I am going to be doing some pre-Thanksgiving cooking. (The rolls and desserts.) Then Thursday is actually Thanksgiving and I'll be helping my mom cook while watching movies and playing games with my sister and my friend who's coming over. I like the running around. I love the fact that I'm going to be with the people I care about. There's just something about this time of the year that makes me want to be home, cooking, eating, and hanging out.

My computer does not connect to the internet when I'm at home. My only comment about that is "WTH?!" I don't get it... Whatever, I am using my mom's laptop. I don't think I'll be on much at all with everything I'm going to be doing anyway. So I'm just going to say early Happy Thanksgiving! Plan on my next post being the day after Thanksgiving with pictures of what we end up eating. Plan on that being later in the day because I finally get to go shopping with my mom on Black Friday! I've been begging her to let me go with her for years.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


I'm in a random mood. I've been suck in Montpelier all weekend and I've watched every good movie and TV show Hulu has to offer. I ironed my brigade for that Assessment Week thing tomorrow. (Which I still don't see the point behind.) My room is as clean as I feel like making it. I'm not in the mood to read. So I'm sitting here listening to music and stumbling. Don't know what stumbling is? It's the most addicting thing I think I have ever started doing. Go here and click on the subjects you're interested in. Click the stumble button and it will bring you to a website related to one of the interests you clicked on. You'll go to a different website every time you click on the stumble button. Try it out. You'll be addicted soon. If you follow me on Twitter you can see some of my favorite finds while stumbling.

Another awesome thing I've heard about recently is failblog. Absolutely hilarious! If you want a laugh, go there.

Last random thing I want to share with you is this song. 3 Wooden Crosses has been a favorite song of mine for a while. It never fails to make me think and feel that there is a higher purpose for why things happen. Have you ever gotten that tingly feeling when you hear something (anything, not just songs) and you know it's teaching you something and helping you grow as a person? This song gives me that feeling.