Friday, August 7, 2009

I Bought a Car! But Now I'm Leaving For a Week...

So today was supposed to be my last day of work. I was sick of the mind-numbing atmosphere, the ever-complaining coworkers, and the DRAMA. (High school drama is nothing compared to the drama of the cynical old ladies I worked with.) So I did the irresponsible thing and skipped for the day. I think my mom is a little disappointed that I did this, but I don't regret it. I had an awesome day!

I bought a car! I'm just wicked excited that I've bought my first car. It is a 1996 Saturn. I couldn't register it today because the town clerk now works only four days a week.

That's alright, though, because tomorrow we're heading to the beach! I wouldn't have been able to drive it for a week anyhow. I can't wait until we get back so I can finally start getting used to the way it works. It handles a little differently from my dad's car which I've been driving.

I didn't just buy a car today, though. That was all done with by 11:30. So I hung out with my friends all afternoon. We went to the new KenTaco (KFC & Taco Bell combined) and then saw Harry Potter. Since I haven't read the books in a while I didn't have any details fresh in my mind. I have no clue how close the movie was to the book and for once I don't even care. It was a good movie! Probably the best out of all the ones made so far. If you haven't seen it yet you should. The greatest part was that since we waited so long to see it there were only maybe 10 people in the theatre.

I don't know when I'll write another post. Like I said, we're leaving tomorrow. We are bringing a laptop with us, though! So, when I get sick of whatever book I happen to be reading at the time, I can come by and read about what's going on with all of you. =)

Monday, August 3, 2009

Just One More Week, One More Week, One More Week

This week is my last week of working at my summer job! Knowing this makes the week almost tolerable. I really don't want to be stuck inside all week when the weather outside is as nice as it is. We're actually getting sunshine! I'll just have to spend my evenings sitting outdoors.

Next week we're off to Maine to sit on the beach and do nothing. It's going to be just what we need. It's been so hectic lately. I hope I will have access to a computer while I'm there, but I can't be sure. Mine just died Saturday night. =(
I'm using Tia's for now, and mine won't be fixed for a while.

I feel kind of dumb because not having my computer around makes me realize just how much I depend on it. I am always checking my email. Sending off a tweet. Reading blogs. Talking on facebook. And doing a million other things, on the computer. I think I depend on it too much.

Remember that herb garden I started a while back? Well, I killed the thyme and basil. The sage is doing well, though! The problem is that I have know clue how to use sage. I've never cooked with it. I'll have to do some research. I'll post my findings when I'm done, but if anyone has some knowledge about it and wouldn't mind sharing... that would rock.

Tia wants her computer soon and I still need to check some stuff.