Sunday, February 20, 2011

Things I've Been Enjoying

Random update for you all. Little fun things I've been enjoying recently.

Wayward Sons: Legends
This webcomic is very entertaining to read- especially if you know your mythology! It has a great story line and funny, semi-related, updates on the weekends.

Food Porn Daily
Appropriate for work! Just maybe not if you've missed your lunch break. These food pictures will make you drool and your stomach rumble. I can sit for hours clicking and staring at picture after picture of delicious looking food.

Post Secret
I think most people know Pose Secret. It's a fun website to read on Sundays.

Plants vs Zombies
I have this game on my iPod and I love it! It has become my go-to game for de-streesing and blowing time at night before bed.

Angry Birds
Angry Birds is such an addicting game! I was addicted to it, then I beat all the levels and lost interest. Still, it's fun to play!

Those are the main things that keep me amused when I'm not talking to Grant, hanging with friends, watching movies, reading or, of course, doing homework. Oh- add working to that. I got the RA position! And I am working at the school's restaurant now, running food and backwaiting. Did I mention that? It's almost bed time, so forgive me. Hope you guys are enjoying the random life updates!