Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

I made this card for you all this morning! =D I had a friend over last night, so it was a late night. A really late night. We went to see a new movie that we all wanted to see- He's Just Not That Into You- it was good! Perfect for the night before Valentine's Day. When we got back I put in an Eddie Izzard DVD and did my homework while she watched the movie. I ended up staying up until 2AM. Then we had be at the town hall to set up for the V-Day Dance at 10:30. When we got back it was time to frost cookies. The cookies rock by the way! The frosting goes great with them. I may actually get the chance to relax for a few minutes soon. The dance doesn't start until 8:30. I wouldn't mind a nap. xD

I expected to be annoyed with V-Day. It's a hallmark holiday made for couples. We were joking about it yesterday in school. The 14th is for couples, but the 15th is when all the single people get to go and buy the 1/2 price candy! I'm not annoyed though. So what if that boy I've been crushing on at school is taken? I'm spreading the love. I made cards for loved ones, gave flowers to my friends, and I made some kick-ass cookies that everyone at the dance gets to enjoy!

Have a good day, be happy! <3

Friday, February 13, 2009

Woes of a Teenage Girl

The woes of a teenage girl really aren't that interesting, are they? I've been struggling to find things to blog about that seem interesting enough. Well, I don't think this is any more interesting, but I'm gonna go ahead and blog about what went on today at school.

Today two bands came to play during 6th and 7th period. The ticket money went to charity, so a lot of people just bought one because of that and to get out of class. It was a fun concert; both bands rocked! I was right up there, standing in about the 3rd row. There was a lot of jumping, clapping, and screaming. Of course most girls were staring at the bass player and singer, 'cause they're right up front. Me? I was looking further back- at the drummer. At the end of the concert the bass player throws something into the crowd. Then the drummer throws one of his drum sticks. Emmy- my French friend- catches it! Then later he signed it for her. I'm glad she caught it, but I won't deny that I'm jealous too. I'd like to keep my little fantasy that he threw it near me on purpose. xP

The two bands were The Ready Set and Backseat Goodbye. I got all their autographs after the concert! The drummer's is the one that says MILK under it. xD Why? He likes milk. And one of the other band members told him to.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


These are the cookies I am making for the dance on Saturday. I'll make the dough tonight and let it chill. I can't wait to eat them, though! Below is the frosting recipe. This frosting is wicked sweet, so a little goes a long way.

8 Cups confectioner’s sugar
2 Cups white shortening
½ Cup milk
Dash salt
1 Teaspoon vanilla

Mix well until creamy

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Today it was so warm I actually went for a walk. If I had known how much mud there was going to be I would have worn different shoes! I can't complain, though. Mud means Spring is almost here! After how cold and harsh this winter has been, I don't think anyone is going to complain about the mud.

My walk was to the store to buy milk and eggs. I am going to use the entire dozen eggs I just bought tomorrow. I'm making sugar cookies for the V-Day Dance my class is having on Saturday. What a recipe! The original recipe takes 3 sticks of butter and 6 egg yolks. I am doubling it for the dance. I forgot to buy confectioner's sugar (for home made frosting) while I was at the store, so I may have to take another walk. I'll share both the cookie recipe and the frosting recipe tomorrow.

It is Wishcasting Wednesday! Jamie asks us this week- What do you wish for yourself? I could wish for a little more self control. With all the cookies I've been making lately I'll have two new cavities by the time I go back to the dentist! Lol. But no, with V-Day coming up and all, I wish for love. Family, friends, pets, this is where I get my love from. Right now that's enough for me, just as long as it keeps on coming! <3

I was messing around with my camera and kaleidoscope yesterday and I got some awesome looking pictures. Check it out! I'm definitely going to take more.

Monday, February 9, 2009


I am feeling inspired lately! It started yesterday. I was just in a bubbly mood. I felt like baking something, so I grabbed the apron, my cook book and my iPod. I always listen to music while baking. I started dancing around and I've just been dancing since! Nothing can ruin my mood right now. I came home and I just felt like drawing. Amazing for me! I usually hate drawing, because I think I'm so bad at it. I wanted to make my dreamboard. I drew this, and I love it! It looks better looking at it in person, but the idea is there. =D

<3 had become my favorite thing lately. Maybe because my mind is on the fast approaching V-day? I don't know, that doesn't seem like a good reason. I have the usual single person's hatred for V-Day. I <3 everyone right now, though.


We read this poem in class today, and I thought right away "This is one to share with my blog buddies!" Tell me how you like it. =D

The Life of Trees
By: Dorianne Laux

The pines rub their great noise
into the spangled dark, scratch
their itchy boughs against the house,
that moan’s mystery translates roughly
into drudgery of ownership: time
to drag the ladder from the shed,
climb onto the roof with a saw
between my teeth, cut
those suckers down. What's reality
if not a long exhaustive cringe
from the blade, the teeth. I want to sleep
and dream the life of trees, beings
from the muted world who care
nothing for Money, Politics, Power,
Will or Right, who want little from the night
but a few dead stars going dim, a white owl
lifting from their limbs, who want only
to sink their roots into the wet ground
and terrify the worms or shake
their bleary heads like fashion models
or old hippies. If trees could speak,
they wouldn't, only hum some low
green note, roll their pinecones
down the empty streets and blame it,
with a shrug, on the cold wind.
During the day they sleep inside
their furry bark, clouds shredding
like ancient lace above their crowns.
Sun. Rain. Snow. Wind. They fear
nothing but the Hurricane, and Fire,
that whipped bully who rises up
and becomes his own dead father.
In the storms the young ones
bend and bend and the old know
they may not make it, go down
with the power lines sparking,
broken at the trunk. They fling
their branches, forked sacrifice
to the beaten earth. They do not pray.
If they make a sound it's eaten
by the wind. And though the stars
return they do not offer thanks, only
ooze a sticky sap from their roundish
concentric wounds, clap the water
from their needles, straighten their spines
and breathe, and breathe again.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Good News

I finally finished most of my homework. I just got done reading an excerpt from the Dalai Lama's "Ethics For The New Millennium." Just from that little bit I read, I want to read the rest of it. My Conflict Resolution teacher has a few copies, so I am going to ask if I can borrow one if I ever finish the growing pile of books I'm trying to read.

It has taken me all weekend to finish my homework because yesterday we went to visit my Poppa and Mammy (grandparents on my mom's side). My Mammy gave me the most amazing thing. She found my Great Gram's cook book that was given to her on her wedding day from her mother. It's over 60 years old!! Mammy let me use the copier and copy all the recipes. So now I have the recipes, along with all the stains and side notes. It's such a precious gift, I can't wait to try making some of the food!

I got something else yesterday that made the day even better. I got a letter from NECI telling me I got $7,000 in renewable scholarships. Since I am joining a two year program, that means I have $14,000 taken care of! My goal is to leave NECI as debt free as possible, with tons of new knowledge and a good job lined up.

Award Time!

I got this award from Genie Sea. Thank, Genie!! This award is about Great Attitude and Gratitude, something I read about in every one's blog. Every day I read about people making the most of a bad situation, helping someone when they're down, or just being a loving and amazing person. So if you're reading then, go on and take some blog love. <3 It's free! =)

Even though I slept well last night I wish I could just crawl into my bed and sleep some more right now. I'd be up all night if I did, though. I don't think my teachers would appreciate me nodding off in class tomorrow. xD I will, however, go and finish reading my book. I deserve to relax a bit.