Monday, February 9, 2009


I am feeling inspired lately! It started yesterday. I was just in a bubbly mood. I felt like baking something, so I grabbed the apron, my cook book and my iPod. I always listen to music while baking. I started dancing around and I've just been dancing since! Nothing can ruin my mood right now. I came home and I just felt like drawing. Amazing for me! I usually hate drawing, because I think I'm so bad at it. I wanted to make my dreamboard. I drew this, and I love it! It looks better looking at it in person, but the idea is there. =D

<3 had become my favorite thing lately. Maybe because my mind is on the fast approaching V-day? I don't know, that doesn't seem like a good reason. I have the usual single person's hatred for V-Day. I <3 everyone right now, though.


  1. Very cute Dreamboard! It's very you!
    I <3 it! :)

    Dance away you funkadeliciousness you!

  2. What awesome energy! And how cool to have this bubbliciousness show up in your mood, your baking and your fun dreamboard!

  3. welcome to the joy army!! so glad you stopped by my blog. :-)

    also-love your philosophy that someone learning can be a great teacher. Very wise. :-)