Saturday, June 27, 2009

Books, Movies, and LIFE

On Wednesday my graduation present from my parents came in the mail. They got me a kindle! They told me what it was before they ordered it 1- to ask if I would want it or not and 2- because it would not be here in time to give me on graduation. I'm wicked happy! It is probably the coolest thing I've ever seen. I can order books right off amazon with it, and I get them in less than a minute. I can upload mp3 files on it from my computer, but I haven't tried that yet. I also haven't tried out the text to speech thing yet. I have, however, figured out that I can go online to just about any website with it.

When I got it I immediately started reading. I found out that Phantom of The Opera (the book) was free and ordered that. I like the movie better. Last night I bought Earth Power by Scott Cunningham. One of the writers at The Modern Pagan wrote about it and I decided it would be neat to read.

Meanwhile the book that I am supposed to be wrecking (even more than it already is) sits there untouched... Ever feel like you just don't have enough time to do everything? I had a friend drag Tia and I to the movies last night to see My Sister's Keeper. I really didn't want to go. I knew it was a sad movie that would make me cry. And guess what- it made me cry! The worst part was we missed the 7:00 showing (because I only had my debit card, no cash, and apparently this stupid theatre is so old they not only don't have any seats with cup holders but they don't accept debit cards!) so we walked around wasting time until the 9:00 showing.

Today I plan on actually spending time at home. When I get busy I tend to neglect things (like laundry...) and my room's a mess. A mess by my standards at least. It's probably clean compared to my sister's room!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Hell, Thy Name is Factory Work

*I plan on this being my one and only rant about my new summer job. Whether that is that case or not depends on other factors. Feel free to not read it. I need to rant.

So, that summer job I just started today? I hate it. Factories suck!! I don't know how my parents do it. I was utterly bored and depressed by noon. I work in a factory that decorates and packages makeup containers. I was sitting putting mascara bottles in a box all day. 22 in a row, 4 rows, 10 layers. I think I did 9 or 10 boxes. The bottles need to be packed very tight so they don't move during shipping. The box is too small, the foam that goes between each layer is too big, and the bottles don't like to fit.

I miss school. I have nothing to keep my mind occupied by all day. Music isn't allowed. All the machines are too loud anyway- earplugs are required. So here's what I did. I came up with different names for the place. My favorites- a soul sucking black hole, and a pit of despair full of misery where people's dreams go to die.

Half the people have the correct attitude about the place. "You're going to school in the fall, right?" I nod yes "That's good! You don't want to stay here forever!" other people are just weird... They ask me "How are you liking it?" I reply "I don't." and they look strangely disappointed. Then they ask me if I'm coming back. I tell them yes and they just walk away mumbling stuff I can't hear because the machines are too loud.

The person I was working with today just told me "Factory work isn't for everyone." Well I guess so!! I am serious when I say that there is nothing to occupy my mind. The machines are too loud to talk to anyone, and the work is all so simple it's done without any thought. They should just train monkeys to do it. They'd work for peanuts.

At least it's only for the summer. But suddenly my summer is looking very long.