Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter is Coming!

My pictures may not be good enough to sell on Etsy like -cough- some people, but I did include a bunch of pictures today. Check out Brandi's Etsy! Her pictures are amazing.

Tomorrow is Easter and it has been so much fun preparing for it. Last week I pulled out some of my stuffed animals. Two bunnies, Rainbow and Peter; and a little chicken named Plum because it has the little purple bunny ears on. Plum has these little metal things on the bottom, and when you touch them to your skin it goes "peep, peep, peep!" xD It's so cute.

We're getting a bunch of flowers! I planted these two years ago and they keep coming up. We haven't been outside to enjoy them because of rainy cold weather. I love having them around, though.

Tomorrow is going to be a lot of fun. We're going to my Aunt Jen's house. My cousin and I are going to cook hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken, steak, and a pork roast thing. All the beef products are from cows at the farm, and it is the best beef I've ever tasted. My Gram is making baked beans, my Mom is making sweet and sour meatballs, my Aunt is making potato salad, and I am making whoopie pies!

I am also planning an egg hunt for the kids. Tia and I colored the eggs tonight. There are going to be six kids there, so we made 14 eggs. They were so fun to make because we made them with each kid in mind. Each kid has 2 eggs made with their name on them. They need to find those 2 eggs and bring them back to me. When they do, they get to pick a box of candy. There are 2 extra eggs, and if they find one of them then they get to pick another box of candy.

Tomorrow I'm just going to focus on feeding a bunch of the people I care about and having fun! I've got tons of the scholarship stuff done with. I drove all over Keene today. I'm not going to worry about anything tomorrow. Also- because I just remembered and I feel like bragging a little, 3rd quarter report cards came in yesterday. YAY! I got all A's again. =)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Full Moon Dreamboard

Here is my dreamboard for this month!My artistic skills may not be as great as some people I know, but I do love taking out my markers and just drawing sometimes. I had fun making this last night! These are the things I would like to bloom in my life and in the lives of others. We can all use them, I'm sure.

I'm sorry to say that I need to rush off right now, so I cannot comment on dreamboards tonight. I'll get to looking at them all soon! I'm with you in spirit. =)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wishcasting Wednesday

This week's prompt for Wishcasting Wednesday is What do you wish to transform?

Unlike Jamie, who is currently redoing some of her home, I don't have anything I'd like to literally transform. I do, though, have plenty of things in my life to change. I wish to transform grief into happiness, anger into love, and fear into excitement.

Tomorrow is the full moon- and that means Dreamboards! I haven't participated in this for a little while. Tonight I am going to pull out my markers and have fun drawing something for it.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Joy Isn't Optional

This week's Joy Rebel Mission was to create your own superhero. I had fun with this! It's just an awesome way to act like a kid. Mine is below. I wanted to keep her simple, but I'm definitely going to make another one just for the fun of it.

It wasn't quite as rainy today. I still haven't gotten around to taking pictures of the flowers outside. My sister has, but I have no clue where her camera is right now.

One year ago today my Grandpa Ben passed away. It's sad to think about how much has changed since then. We have a totally different relationship with my Grandma Ben now. It was a long and painful estrangement, and now it's very stressful to deal with that entire side of my family anymore.

It was such a sad time for us all to have him gone. My friends really pulled through for me, though. They helped me a lot. I'll always remember that. I still have the card my NHS group sent me, signed by them all wishing me well. Looking back, it's nice just to know that somebody cared.

I didn't really want to cry today, but looking at that card always does it. I'm going to feel sad for a little while, but I can't let it linger too long. For me joy isn't optional. I'm going to make sure it's there at least in some little way every day of my life. What would be the point of living a life without joy in it?

Monday, April 6, 2009

Getting Back My Control

Whew! This stress from getting prepared for college really stinks. Most of the time I have a good hold on it, like right now. Other times, like last Friday, I just lose it. xD A breakdown at the very beginning of my weekend is one thing, not having a moment to just sit and relax is another.

I felt like I just lost all control over things. A friend's birthday was on Saturday, so I planned to do something with her at some point during the weekend. I was not, however, planning on spending every moment with her like she seemed to want. She sent me on a guilt trip when I tried to tell her I didn't want to hang out. I just needed ten minutes to sit and do nothing!! And that was in between working on financial aid stuff.

I managed to get some time to myself Sunday afternoon. I think it's crucial to me, so I can wake up in a good mood Monday morning. And I did! My day has been just fine. It's rainy and cold out, but that doesn't bother me. April is always a rainy month, I just hope our driveway doesn't flood too bad this year.

My latest obsession is with the movie Repo! The Genetic Opera. If you haven't seen this movie, I am suggesting it to you! It is the kind of movie you probably need to watch twice to fully understand. The plot is so interesting, and the music is just amazing. I've been listening to the songs over and over.

Easter is coming up this weekend. Tia and I still have to color eggs. Our mom got us a kit from Walmart, I can't wait! We're having a family cook out at my Aunt Jen's. My cousin and I are going to shop for it on Saturday, and I'll most likely be helping with the cooking on Sunday.

I hope there is better weather for some of you! If not, then I hope the rain doesn't bother you too much. The flowers outside are really starting to grow. I'll get some pictures up soon. Flowers are one of my favorite things about Spring.