Friday, July 3, 2009


Just over 8 pounds of strawberries there. (Or strawbabies as some of my family members affectionately call them.) We went and picked them this morning over at Dutton Farm. This is something we started doing last year and I'm glad we did. It's fun! Sure, I've picked strawberries off my aunt's bush before, but there are rows and rows of strawberries here!

The only problem was that today is the first day in about two weeks that it hasn't been raining. The rain destroyed a lot of the strawberries. It was difficult to pick through all the bad ones to find the good ones.

I've got plans for these strawbabies! I'm going to-
Make jam
Make cookies
Make virgin strawberry bellinis
And I'm going to freeze a bunch to use for smoothies!

I do not plan on sitting and eating any of them. I actually can't stand the texture of berries, so the only way I'll eat them is buy making something with them. There's plenty for my mom and sister to enjoy eating, though!

I'll post any recipes I use once I start making stuff. It needs to be soon, because I can't let these sit for too long.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Two Posts That Inspired Me

This morning I read two blog posts that inspired me. I rushed to work and forgot all about them, but then I came home and re-read them and was re-inspired by their awesomeness. The two posts are Brandi's Monday Mission, and Jamie's post about not being afraid to have your own style. I'm sitting here now trying to figure out if they can be connected in any way, but that's just that part of my brain talking. The part that needs to analyze everything and find connections. Instead of listening to that part of my brain I'm going to continue writing about why these posts inspired me so much!

First Brandi's doing it imperfectly. Could this have posted at any better time? I don't think so. I've got all these creative ideas flowing through my head, even as I type. The problem is I would most likely start them, and quickly decide I'm not doing it 'right'. This is why I stop doing so many things I love doing. Writing for one example. I criticize myself, and I can be brutal, so I just stop doing whatever it is. Well I'm going to write this quote down somewhere so I can see it next time I think of stopping in the middle of a project. "Anything worth doing is worth doing badly." - Julia Cameron

Now Jamie's fearless fashion sense. Fashion scares me. Where I live it's all jeans and t-shirts. There are exceptions, but the majority of people (all ages)wear jeans and t-shirts. That's what I wear, it's what I'm used to. And in my family we all wince at the thought of spending a lot of money on our clothes. Just looking at the price tags on the nicer clothes makes me want to die. $20 for a shirt? $50 for pants?! How can anyone spend that much? I guess I do have that negative view of fashion that Jamie talks about.

Anyway, for school in September I need to have white button up shirts and black dress pants. When I first realized this I had no clue what I was going to do. I still don't. I hate walking into stores where they sell these kinds of clothes. I feel so out of place. I own a few shirts now, but I'm stumped on the pants. I'm going to the mall this weekend, so I guess I'll look there. I also want to update my wardrobe. I've never really gone clothes shopping at the mall before, so this will definitely be interesting! I'll be wincing the entire time, but I swear I'm going to actually buy some nice clothes! Maybe I'll ask my cousin to come with us, she'll defend me when my mom tries to make me buy clothes I know I'll never wear.

Thank you Brandi and Jamie! This is why I love blogging, I know I'll always be inspired daily by wonderful people.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Herbs and Flowers

We were shopping at Walmart this morning and what do I see sitting there? An herb garden kit! I've been wanting to try this again, (I had a similar kit years ago) I just hope they live. The box says "guaranteed to grow", but who knows with me?

Then I made my dad take me to Beadniks (gotta love that store!) so I could buy stuff, and I found that little egg shaped thing. It was called 'Fairies' Favorite Flower!' and said 'Believed To Attract Fairies!' I bought it without a second thought. Something as small as that is just wicked convenient, it fits right on my windowsill. It also says it's guaranteed to grow, but most of the seeds looked crushed.

Fingers crossed that I don't really have a black thumb! Have a good Sunday. <3