Sunday, May 22, 2011

Meet Grant

Hello everyone! I said I was back, but disappeared again. Well I'm going to do that a lot probably... Life is crazy busy. But it's going well! This post is both an update and an introduction. I want to tell you all a little bit more about my boyfriend Grant, since you'll probably hear a lot about him.

There we are! We took that picture of us at a mall in Florida when I went down to see him. He was down there for his internship at a private country club. Other than those short 5 days of heaven, we've been apart for almost 6 months now. But, in 4 days I will be flying down to Kansas (where he's been visiting friends and family for the last month) and I get to meet his family and friends. It will be nice to be with him again, and finally put an end this long-distance thing. I've missed him like crazy.

How we met: He went to NECI for the culinary program, he started much later than me. We met last summer in August. He is still attending school, and has just completed his first internship. He'll be back in VT soon to finish his AOS degree and then he is going to continue with the BA Culinary program.

He is an amazing cook! I will probably be posting a lot about the things he makes that I get to eat, but if you'd like to see some past meals and hear from his own mouth about his creations you can check out his blog. He is very dedicated to his school and work. His blog is delightful to read. Yes, I'm biased, but I'm also telling the truth.

He is 25. He shaves his head, in case you were wondering. He has gotten me hooked on Dr. Who! He's a geek, and I love it. He's going to teach me to play a game called 40k, and while he's been home he's been playing D&D with his friends. He loved books and reading just as much as I do. I can talk to him about anything! The first night we hung out we talked for hours about everything we could think of.

This blog used to be an outlet for me to talk about my spirituality. I now have Grant to share these things with, which is wonderful. He supports me in everything I do, and makes me want to try even harder to do well.

I could go on forever about him, but I'll end this post before it gets too long and boring for you all. You might not hear from me until we get back from Kansas. We're driving back up and then moving into a house with our friends. I will have pictures of the gorgeous house we'll be living in, and probably some pictures of delicious food. Until then, TTFN!