Saturday, February 7, 2009


I haven't posted in a few days! I've been busy every day, and today is no exception. Yesterday was Emeline's birthday, so there was a slumber party at her house last night. It was a stereotypical 6 girls giggling, eating sugar, gossiping, and watching a horror movie that scared the pants off us slumber party. I had tons of fun!

Today I have a bunch of homework to do. I have a research paper about a Native American tribe and their religious beliefs for World Religions, poetry to read for AP English, and for Conflict Resolution I have to read part of the Dalai Lama’s essay from “Ethics for The New Millennium” and work on our Pieces of Peace project. This project sounds like fun. We need to find 10 images and quotes that represent peace to us. When I finish it I'll share it here. =)

Dentist news- I can't wait to go back and get my teeth taken care of! I have a ton of cavities. My teeth are soft like my mom's, so I have cavities everywhere. My mouth is small and my teeth are crowded. When my wisdom teeth come in I'm going to need them removed. I wish they would come in so I could get it over with, already!

I just want to get all my homework done so I can relax and finish reading The Mists of Avalon. I'm going to get to work as soon as I get some lunch. All I've had is sugar for the past 18 hours!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Blissfully Off Topic

I've noticed in school that we learn more in my classes when we get off topic than when we are on topic. It's fun to hear my classmates opinions on things. Debating or discussing, either way we learn so much about each other. In my World Religions class we started talking about Kurt Vonnegut books and the nuclear power plant. I learned that I need to read more of his books! They sound really interesting.

In AP English it isn't unusual to get off topic. Today it was intense, though. It started with a poem, and we branched off into other things. We talked about prostitution, and teens having kids in high school. It turned into a talk about how we have no sex education at my school. Some kids think we don't need it. "No one is that uneducated about it," one says. This ticked me off. My mom had me her senior year in high school. Why? Because she was never taught about safe sex. There is a girl at school in 9th or 10th grade who just had a beautiful baby boy. Our school is irresponsible for not teaching us about safe sex. Children are a blessing, but if you aren't ready to be a mother- then you shouldn't be a mother.

The rest of my classes were pretty much on topic. I had to ask all my teachers for tomorrow's work, because tomorrow my sister and I get to miss school to go to the dentist. Ach! Wish me luck. I haven't gone in at least two years...

Monday, February 2, 2009

Blessed Imbolc Everyone!

Blessed Imbolc! Even though the weather was nice today I hear we're going to get a lot more snow soon. What else can you expect when the groundhog sees his shadow? Spring isn't too far away at least. Imbolc brings hope for nicer days where we can all go outside and not be cold in 10 minutes.

The Goddess Brigid is honored on this day. Boho Mom shared this link with everyone, and I would like to share it as well. It is a meditation to invoke Brigid. I plan on doing this tonight before bed. I also plan to leave an offering to the Fae, who are asked for blessings today.

Brigid is a Goddess of inspiration! I mentioned before that I was writing a lot this time last year. I found my journal and have the two short poems I wrote in honor of Imbolc. I'm shy about sharing my writings, but I have the feeling I should.

Warmth within,
Fire celebrated
To bring warmth out as well

In need

My first reaction is to say how much I dislike these. I don't though; I like them. And I like saying that I like them. Opening my eyes to how much I really do love writing for myself, that is what has happened today! I think I need to make more time for that. =)