Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Today is my 21st birthday! Ahh yes, very exciting. I'm happy and all, but it's really not as exciting as all that. I am going to the bar with a friend to see if there are any free drinks to be had for this birthday girl, and then we'll just be hanging out until Grant gets out of class at 10. It's probably bed time shortly after that because I have to be up early tomorrow. I have 2 job interviews tomorrow! And then on Friday Grant and I are going to look at some possible apartments.

How have I spent my birthday so far? Well Grant made me a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich on a bagel for breakfast. (yay!) And then later when we went to the NECI cafeteria for lunch Grant's car decided it wasn't going to start. Turns out the battery is dead. After trying to jump it ourselves to no avail we called AAA to come to our rescue. An hour later the guy jumped us with his super-power jumper (apparently when we tried to jump it the battery was just too dead for regular cables) and we bought a battery from AAA for $120.

Fast forward to me meeting friends for dinner to find a $15 parking ticket on my car. Damn. This is just not our month for cars and money! I'll admit the parking ticket was totally justified, just wishing I hadn't gotten it.

So that is the quick briefing of what has been going on. Hopefully I'll have more information soon about jobs and apartments. I have another thing or two up my sleeves that I am keeping hush hush because I don't know how they might turn out.

And a little something to make up for missing this week's Music Monday: