Monday, June 22, 2009

Hell, Thy Name is Factory Work

*I plan on this being my one and only rant about my new summer job. Whether that is that case or not depends on other factors. Feel free to not read it. I need to rant.

So, that summer job I just started today? I hate it. Factories suck!! I don't know how my parents do it. I was utterly bored and depressed by noon. I work in a factory that decorates and packages makeup containers. I was sitting putting mascara bottles in a box all day. 22 in a row, 4 rows, 10 layers. I think I did 9 or 10 boxes. The bottles need to be packed very tight so they don't move during shipping. The box is too small, the foam that goes between each layer is too big, and the bottles don't like to fit.

I miss school. I have nothing to keep my mind occupied by all day. Music isn't allowed. All the machines are too loud anyway- earplugs are required. So here's what I did. I came up with different names for the place. My favorites- a soul sucking black hole, and a pit of despair full of misery where people's dreams go to die.

Half the people have the correct attitude about the place. "You're going to school in the fall, right?" I nod yes "That's good! You don't want to stay here forever!" other people are just weird... They ask me "How are you liking it?" I reply "I don't." and they look strangely disappointed. Then they ask me if I'm coming back. I tell them yes and they just walk away mumbling stuff I can't hear because the machines are too loud.

The person I was working with today just told me "Factory work isn't for everyone." Well I guess so!! I am serious when I say that there is nothing to occupy my mind. The machines are too loud to talk to anyone, and the work is all so simple it's done without any thought. They should just train monkeys to do it. They'd work for peanuts.

At least it's only for the summer. But suddenly my summer is looking very long.


  1. I guess it's almost a right of passage to have at least one soul sucking job at some point in your life. I hope this is your one and only!

    And knowing how sucky this work is for you will be a good inspiration to do well in college, right?

    Any chance you could find another job to pass the summer?

  2. I 'did' the mandetory (as mrsb says) summer waitress bit in a 'greasy spoon' in my home town between my frosh & sophomore years of college. I remember the owners asking 'couldn't you stay on this fall? You've been one of our best waitresses?" - {yike!!! NO, NO, NO!!} "Umm - I'm going back to college in the fall" (thank you, parents!) . . . 'well, you could always go back later, . . . '

    & isn't it sad to think that some folks do such mind numbing work without even questioning?? Good luck finding your joy this summer!

  3. Oh Tori, this post made me laugh out loud!!! You are hilarious in your description of the "soul sucking black hole where people's dreams go to die" - too funny!

    I can so relate! When I was your age, I spent the summer working at Bic's Pickle Factory....a horrid, depressing, noisy, sweltering place where I spent 8 hours a day standing in one place stuffing tiny cucumbers in jars.

    All I can say is think of the money you'll be making, the excitement and reward that you are outta there once school starts. Hopefully that will get you through.
    I'm sure we've all had our "summer of hell" at one time or another.
    Welcome to the club and hang in there chickie!

  4. ugh! here's hoping the summer passes quickly!

  5. Tori, that is such hard work. Somehow you will make it and knowing that it isn't forever is so important. Looks like I'm not the only one going through a dark period. My grandmother worked in a factory her entire adult life while raising two kids alone. It takes special people to do that kind of work.

  6. Tori thank god for your imagination!! I would have suffocated! Your words reminded me of a Neil Gaiman book -- "Neverwhere."

    I'll think of you every time I use mascara now!

    Stay brave and rant away -- your humor in the face of mind numbing danger is infectious!

  7. ugh- I agree! I worked in the service industry (housekeeper-bartender) for about six years every summer between university and high school. There's something humbling about serving people- totally shaped who I am.

    That being said, I have friends who worked in the fish plant factories- ACK. I would barf... lol.

    I hope your summer gets better- stay strong (think, 'the money is worth it, the money is worth it' lol).