Monday, August 3, 2009

Just One More Week, One More Week, One More Week

This week is my last week of working at my summer job! Knowing this makes the week almost tolerable. I really don't want to be stuck inside all week when the weather outside is as nice as it is. We're actually getting sunshine! I'll just have to spend my evenings sitting outdoors.

Next week we're off to Maine to sit on the beach and do nothing. It's going to be just what we need. It's been so hectic lately. I hope I will have access to a computer while I'm there, but I can't be sure. Mine just died Saturday night. =(
I'm using Tia's for now, and mine won't be fixed for a while.

I feel kind of dumb because not having my computer around makes me realize just how much I depend on it. I am always checking my email. Sending off a tweet. Reading blogs. Talking on facebook. And doing a million other things, on the computer. I think I depend on it too much.

Remember that herb garden I started a while back? Well, I killed the thyme and basil. The sage is doing well, though! The problem is that I have know clue how to use sage. I've never cooked with it. I'll have to do some research. I'll post my findings when I'm done, but if anyone has some knowledge about it and wouldn't mind sharing... that would rock.

Tia wants her computer soon and I still need to check some stuff.


  1. Lucky you know me! Wow. that sounded like I'm an ego maniac, sorry! But I love sage!!! I'm going to make some blog posts soon on sage like how to make sage smudges and I have a great recipe for sage cream sauce. Glad your sage is doing well! If you find any interesting uses, let me know.

  2. Have an excellent time on your vacation. I always use vacation time as an excuse to lock up the laptop (and cellphone for the most part) and give it a vacation too. Only then does it truly feel like a vacation.

    I did the same with my herbs too! The thyme was the first to go. Then my DH almost killed my basil and oregano for me. I'm trying to nurse them back to health. It looks grim. ;)

  3. The weather has been hard on some of my herbs, too!

    Sage is 'warming & stngthening,' & excellent for rebuilding vitality & strength during long term illness. Clears sore throats & congestion' the name (salvia' comes from latin for 'Safe' & 'salvere' - to be well.)

    I remember a gal friend putting a handful of sage in a teapot & steeping it while talking on the phone. She had a cold, & someone suggested it - I'd used it before, & wouldn't have put as much in, but thot 'ah, well; I'm coming down with that cold, too - it will help!'
    She poured me a cup, I put in some honey & began drinking -when she took her first sip, she mimed (still on the phone - & this was long before cell phones!) that I shouldn't drink it. . . . but I did, & don't think I 'got' that cold!!

    I like to use a little bunch ('bouquet garni') of herbs - sage, rosemary, thyme, marjoram, a bay leaf; tied with a string or thread & put in a soup or stew . . . my mom & mother-in law always used sage as a main herb in their stuffing mix, & an old quote (probably Roman) "how can a man die with Sage in his garden?"

    My mo-in law had a '100 yr sage plant' @ her century old farm house - it finally died maybe 10 years ago, but they planted another :)

    I have several colours of sage (inc purple & golden), & use one leaf with other herbs in a cup of tea.
    There are several other salvias fun to grow - pineapple sage is a yummy one (usually grown as an annual), with fruity tasting leaves. White sage from the SW is used for smudging, . . .

    I like to gather small bunches of herbs & use some fresh, then dry what's left for winter. I make my own 'Italian' & 'Provance' blends - parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme, marjoram, basil; add some lavender flowers for the Fr. mix. chop the sage & other large leaves a little, & dry crispy dry, then store in empty herb jar. When you're ready to use the blend, crumble the herbs in your fingers, to release the scent & 'goodies.'

    Rosemary Gladstar's 'Family Herbal' is a nice book with lots of info on herbs & recipes for making your own lotions & potions. It's one of the most useful for getting started with using herbs for both food, beauty & medicine.
    Susun Weed is another of my fav. herbalists - she has a website healing wise. (I think Rosemary does as well)

    ENJOY your herbal adventures!