Friday, November 27, 2009


Wow I've been busy! Shopping, cooking, crying because I messed up while cooking, crying because I accidentally turned my white clothes pink (Anyone know how to fix that?!), being angry at my parents because they cleaned and painted over at the new house on Thanksgiving. I went to Walmart with my mom and aunt at 5 this morning. CRAZY! Then we went back again later to buy paint for the house, not so crazy. It's like after 8AM it turned into a regular shopping day there. I need to go back to Walmart for a 3rd time in a little while so I can buy even more paint for my room. I can't wait until it's all painted so I can show you the pictures! Speaking of the house, when I was there last night I noticed that it has got this really weird vibe to it. It definitely needs a cleansing to get rid of the energy from the previous tenants. I know there are a lot of different ways to do that, so I am looking for suggestions on what your favorite method is.

As promised, I have pictures. This is just the desserts. We had the same old dinner that most people have. Turkey, stuffing, etc.

Chocolate Pecan Pie. YUM! I took this pic before I cut into it. It tastes like a fudgy brownie filled with pecans. I made the crust myself, and it looked nice, but it got destoryed during transport from my house to my grandparent's house.

Homemade whipped cream. :)

Some of my cousin's carrot cake that I took home.

This is the cheesecake I messed up on. It still tastes delicious.

Oreo Torte. Probably the most delicious thing I've ever eaten. This is the one I left at home for us.

This is the one I brought for my family to eat.

The cats just got to lay around all day. They looked so cute I just had to get some pictures.


  1. That is a lot of insanity! Love the chocolate pecan pie Tori, just printed it out. I liked mine but believe it or not, it wasn't sweet enough so maybe I'll try this one. Way to go making your own crust! I told you you could do it. :) Rock on!

  2. Whoa! A painting Thanksgiving! Sounds uber busy. Those desserts look scrumptious! :)

  3. Oooh...I want to eat some of that Orea Torte....and the chocolate pecan pie! YUMMMM!