Friday, November 28, 2008

Soul Coacing Day 27

Today we are creating our future. Level 2 is projecting a year from now. We're supposed to write what our life is like.

This has been amazing! I am attending college at New England Culinary Institute. I am here to learn restaurant management, but I am also attending classes where I am learning to cook. I am eating delicious healthy meals and taking yoga classes at the fitness center. I have great friends here. I graduated from high school in the top 10 of my class and most of my college tuition was paid for with scholarships.

I am getting good grades. I'm learning a lot, getting a diploma, making connections, and earning money all at the same time. I know that I made the right choice by coming here. I am happy.

This is all possible! This is where I will be next year! I can't wait. I'm taking action to make this happen. I am going to finish writing a draft of one of the scholarship essays right now. I'm thinking the way I would be thinking if I were really at NECI right now. I am being happy.


  1. Live it and feel it like it is already happening in your Now and it can't help but manifest.

    I know you can do this, Tori.

    love, light and peace,

  2. I can smell that cooking now!!
    and so it is dear Tori!!! Enjoy your study xoxo

  3. So much delicious learning. What an exciting year ahead of you! Enjoy enjoy enjoy!

  4. Mmmh, I can taste it. Have the best year of your life.

  5. Tori - I love your vision! & that you've taken action already, pulling out that scholarship essay! Do they have a branch of Soroptomists in your area? My daughter got to help read the essays for their scolarships last year, & helped vote! Another is - look for scolarships to people with your name - that's something she thought of doing (can be first name, last name, middle name, as I understand!)

    Go for it! Blessings

  6. whoohoo! sounds like your path is clear - and what a delicious-sounding one :)

  7. That's exactly right Tori. Act and think like you are already there, and the outside reality will shape itself as you see it. It has taken me a long time to believe it, not intellectually, but with my soul. Oh how exciting!

  8. You Rock Tori!
    I love the enthusiasm and energy of this post!
    I can't wait to get to where you are now in Soul Coaching...I'm so far behind! lol
    Thanks for the inspiration.
    I'm adding you to my links, because I love your blog and don't want to lose touch after soul coaching!

  9. Yay!! What beautiful energy and joy there is in your vision!! I can literally feel you bouncing in your chair thinking about it :)
    You are creating this right now!

    I can't wait to read about your culinary adventures. I wish I was close enough to taste your food. Like Robyn, I think I can smell it already - yum!

  10. You are well on the way to your beautiful life. I have so enjoyed sharing this small part of your path with you. You are amazing, and you have your whole life ahead of you to shine!
    You are going to be a great restaurant owner. It will be a place of light and laughter and celebration - and yummy foods made with love.