Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Soul Coaching- Day 18

My computer is back! My grandpa found out what was wring with it and gave me a way to fix it. Thank you Poppa! I'm lucky he knows so much about computers. I should be able to post more often and comment on blogs again!

School has been so much less stressful the past two days. This is leaving me happier and allowing me to let more light into my life. It was an amazing day. I cannot think of one time when I was seriously worrying about the future or the past. I was really living in the moment. I regretted living in the moment while eating lunch though. The school's pizza isn't very good. That's why I prefer to bring my lunch from home. I don't think I'll be buying school lunch anymore.

I feel bad because I have been rushing through Soul Coaching every day. Maybe it's not helping me as much as it could because of that? When I go though and read other people's posts I envy their words that are so beautifully written. I need to dedicate more time to thinking about the words I'm writing. I used to be able to write. I want to reconnect with that muse again. I want to write poetry and stories again. That was my flame of creativity. I miss it.

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  1. I just want to mention that I am at home, no job, not kids, all by myself with no distractions so I can live and write and ponder and pretty much do what I want. You are in school, going through changes, trying to get your license, thinking about the future, preparing for the future and Goddess knows what else. Denise says that just by participating in the smallest way, you are still a participate and I love all of your posts. Be gentle with yourself.