Tuesday, November 18, 2008

SC- Day 16

My computer is still not working, my grandpa is now looking at it to find out what's wrong. I will get on to post and read blogs when I can!

I did not take my driving test yesterday. Sunday night my dad told me he wouldn't take me because I wasn't ready. I was left feeling confused because I was both relieved and disappointed. I did not get to choose if I would go or not, and I'm not sure if this is good or bad.

I wasn't in the best mood. I have a stubborn cold and it hit me hard yesterday. Other things were also stressing me out, and I wasn't even trying to act like I was in a good mood. I just dove into my schoolwork to push the stress out of my mind. I am so grateful that Emeline was there to make me laugh when I needed it most. She's such a good friend.

I showed myself once again that I am resistant to change. I found that out years ago. I'm actually fine once the change is made, it's just during the change that I resist it. I didn't really do anything different yesterday (except maybe act a bit more miserable than usual because of the cold.)

I am trusting that change will happen this month. I am not seeing it happen, but I'm sure it is.


  1. That's OK Tori. Take time, practice driving and then when you feel like you're ready give it another shot. Perhaps it's a good thing the choice was out of your hands, although that's tough to deal with.

    It sounds like this has been a huge learning experience for you!

  2. Well, that's ok....it gives you more time to practise driving and build your confidence some more.

    I've never been big on change either but, in reality, life is ever-changing and for change to happen successfully, sometimes, we have no choice but to take action.

    .....for, what we resist, persists.

    love, light and peace,