Tuesday, November 18, 2008


When I first came across the term Empath years ago I considered the idea that I was one. I didn't look into it very deeply and forgot about it. Following a few links today I found this article 7 Signs You're an Empath. I read it and I do believe that I am empathetic.

There is one night that sticks out in my mind. My parents had taken my sister and I to a Red Sox game in Boston. We had been to two games before that, and usually it is not a very long walk from the train to Fenway. This time, though, the train we would take was broken. We had to walk a few blocks to take a different train, and then a bus, and then another train. On this walk we saw homeless person after homeless person. My heart felt like it was broke and I cried uncontrollably as I walked with my parents. I couldn't even explain why to them. No one else I saw acted this way. I've been scared to visit a city since, afraid that I won't be able to control my emotions.

The example the author gives in the article about going to the mall has happened to me. I hate large crowds, and it becomes difficult to keep my moods straight. I never know what I'm feeling when I go to the mall or another overly crowded place.

I was amazed when she mentioned always knowing what someone really means. It's confused me when other people can't get the meaning behind someones words. I just know what my friends, family, or teachers were really trying to tell me. It's useful in school, but annoying because long-winded explanations really tend to bore me.

The other things mentioned in the article are there (maybe with the exception of the healing, I'm not sure if I've ever healed someone.) These are just the ones that jumped out and confirmed it for me. I was an overly sensitive child, and I'm working on controlling it so I do not become an overly sensitive adult.


  1. Not something I share with many people, but I am empathic. This is why I barely ever watch the news or read the paper. Mr.B. actually has gone through the paper on Sunday (the one day I insist on reading) and taken out things that will affect me too much.

    It's good that you have recognized it for what it is, and are taking steps to control it. I've not learned control as much as the ability to avoid things that will set me off.

  2. I believe I am an empath too and have felt this for a long time. I feel pain in my heart on a deep level if I see suffering in any shape or form, even in movies. It can stay with me for days.