Thursday, November 20, 2008

Day 19

Death is something that has intrigued me. I've wondered for years how and when I might die. I am not afraid of it. It doesn't scare me. I do not want to die anytime soon, though. I can't complain about being dead if I'm dead- so why worry? Live for today.

I was comfortable with today's tasks. It seems strange to me that I am so comfortable with death when so many other people are not. I have not had any near-death experiences. The only people I have known who have died are

Various pets over the years
My great-grandparents on my mom's side
My grandpa on my dad's side

I do not remember my great grandparents very well. I was young when they died. The loss of my pets always crushes me. It's such a sad experience. The most recent and most painful has been the death of my grandfather. He died in April and it was the saddest news I've ever gotten.

I guess I am more comfortable with my own death than I am with other people's. I don't fear dying- I fear the pain that might come with it.


  1. I like your distinction between dying and the pain that might come with it - thanks, I needed that clarification.

    Sorry about your grandfather too. I hope he had a good life. I think it is harder for those left behind than those who go. (Assuming there was no pain involved...)

  2. Hugs Tori. I agree with Kavindra. Excellent distinction between dying and the pain that might come of it. :) Thank you!

  3. I found this exercise easy to do too. I don't fear death as you know. I often wonder if death is painful or is it the actual cause of death (sickness etc) that is painful..

  4. Worrying about others and their passing is so hard, isn't it? That one of my most common nightmares. Losing people and animals can be so crushing. I am amazed at your fearlessness over your own passing, that's very enlightened of you.