Friday, November 21, 2008

SC- Day 20

I am kind to just about everyone as a general rule. It feels good after. Until you meet some jerk who just wants to ruin it, but that's only every now and then. One story I have is this. It happened over a year ago.

I was in the grocery store lobby waiting for my parents to finish paying. An old woman dropped the change she was holding and I helped her pick it up.She was Asian and had an accent. I almost didn't understand her when she asked if I could order her food over the pay phone. I did it for her and after she shoved a dollar bill into my hand. I tried to refuse, but she insisted. I felt so warm after because I knew she would not have wanted to order the food over the phone with her accent. I refuse to spend that dollar. It is still sitting in a glass bottle on my alter. Every time I look at it I remember that event and smile.

Today I did what I usually do to be nice. I held the door for my classmates when I walked out of a classroom. I only get a few mumbled thank you's, but I don't care.

Another thing I like to do is Free Hugs. This is my favorite. It is so much fun. I haven't gone out in a year, but hopefully I will get a group together and we can go out before snow flies. To me this is the ultimate act of random kindness. A hug can do wonders to help make someone feel good. I encourage other people to do this! (Not alone unless it is a very crowded area and you feel safe. I would not go out alone even though where I live is a safe place.)


  1. You are so sweet! I wish I lived close to you because I would be honored to join in your free hugs group! Your natural kindness and concern shows in your blog!

  2. You are a sweet gem of a soul Tori! :)

  3. Hi, tori - so great to see your posts!

    I said 'hi' to everyone I met today - inc. several teen boys as I was walking my 4 yr old grand daughter to her mom's work (about 3 blocks from the HS) & everyone said "Hi" back (sometimes they don't!)
    I loved your comment a day or two ago about being 'in the present' most of the day - I have been too!!
    It's great to have you in on board :)

  4. I love your dollar bill story! Oh that is so sweet, of her and of you!