Saturday, December 13, 2008

Walkin In a Winter Wonderland

Today, on our way to Keene, we saw this. No one had a camera, so we ended up going back to take pictures! I can't believe how beautiful it is. This is what that freezing rain did yesterday. It totally missed most of my town, but this is just outside it.

Tomorrow is my birthday! While in Keene we set up an appointment for next Saturday so I can get my tattoo. Tomorrow we are going to my Aunt's house so my cousin and I can bake a cake. The really good part is the home made frosting. We have a family recipe for it, and it is awesome! I wish I didn't have to wait for tomorrow. xD


  1. I love that collage with the movies in it of the freezing rain! Sounds like you didn't lose power which is a good thing.

    I hope you have a fantastic birthday Tori! Does that mean you're baking your own cake? Homemade frosting is delish!

    Birthday blessings to you lovely Sagittarius!

  2. Oh! Spectacular! Thank you for taking us along on your journey through the magical winter wonderland. Through the lacy, icy trees! :)

    Happy Birthday sweet girl! May all your visualizations come true! :)

  3. what lovely photos.

    Wishing you birthday blessing to a fellow Sagitarian ~ I hope all of your dreams come true.