Sunday, December 14, 2008

I'm Gonna Miss This

Today, I'm 18! I have had a great birthday. Last night I slept over at my cousin's so we could bake my cake, and she had a surprise for me when I got there. She made me the coolest thing I have ever seen- a tye dye cheesecake. It was the best cheesecake I have ever had! We baked a double layer marble cake to go along with it. The cake is a box mix, but the frosting is our home made family recipe. It’s so sweet, that you can’t eat all the frosting on your piece of cake. It’s worth trying to do, but I never have been able to eat it all. I was feeling so sick by the end of my party because I had had nothing but sugary things all day. xD

This is the amazing cheesecake. The colors are so bright, Sam said she had to use a lot of food coloring. It tastes great, though.

My cousin wrote on the cake, because she said you're not allowed to write your own happy birthday. The message should give you an idea of what my family is like. xP

It’s so great that I got to spend this time with my family today. I’ll be at college next year, so this is probably my last family birthday party for at least a few years. I’m gonna miss this. I really am. It's been a good day, though, so I'm happy.

Here is Trace Adkins' video for his song You're Gonna Miss This.


  1. Happy F'in birthday indeed! Your cousin is a hoot.

    I LOVE the cake - the tie-dyed one. My husband's BD is coming this week and I want to try that with our frosting.

    I am going to bestow an award on you as soon as I get myself into gear, sometime tomorrow ...

  2. I have never seen a tie-dye cake of any kind! How imaginative!

    Happy Birthday sweets! :)

  3. I've never seen a cheesecake like that before, nor a cake with that wording it it either,lol!!!

    Wishing you a wonderful 18th!!

  4. Sorry I'm a day late!

    Happy Birthday!!

  5. Happy Birthday!!!
    I am LMAO at this post! I love it!
    And I want a tie-dyed cheesecake for MY birthday!
    Excellent, just excellent. Sounds like you and your cousin had a great time...I had to laugh out loud at your Happy F****** Birthday cake!
    party on!........

    (and thanks for your support and kind words on my blog - xo)

  6. Happy (belated) birthday, you wonderful you!! May your year be as vibrant and colourful as your birthday cheesecake!

    sending you big birthday hugs,

  7. Oh, Happy Happy day & year! One of my friends (an awesome tatoo artist & psychic) suggested that her favorite BD tradition is to celebrate a DAY for each YEAR! - that would take you to New Years - & this just gets better each year! (I'm up to a month & a half now :)

    Celebrate Tori, Celebrate Tori - may you have a blessed & joyous year

    All the best!