Wednesday, December 17, 2008


We had a real snow day today! I wish I had gotten a picture of the snow before it got dark, but I was running around all day. I cleaned the house (which is messed up again by now), made oatmeal cookies (they came out great), made Russian tea cakes (which didn't come out too great), and made dinner (which I didn't like).

It might sound like I'm being negative, but I actually had a pretty good day. I expect the house to get messed up, I know what we did wrong with the Russian tea cakes, and I just won't use that recipe for dinner again. I also got some homework done, and my sister collected pine cones for me so we can make ornaments for people.

I'm glad to get back to school tomorrow, I don't really like staying at home all day like this. I'm going to go nuts during the winter break, which goes from Dec. 23 to Jan. 5 this year. I love the snow, it makes the world outside look beautiful. It can stay for X-mas and then leave, though! If we get too many snow days it shoves back our graduation date. I think the magic number is three, and we've had two within a week's time. Plus, I hear there's more snow coming on Friday. I'm watching movies all day if that happens! xD


  1. Sounds like you were super busy! Tea cakes sound ambitious, I've never tried to make them. I'm just on break now and enjoying a little down time. I agree--the snow is beauteous, but after the holidays it can skidattle!

    Many Blissings~*

  2. Look at you, baking cookies and cakes and making dinner. One of these activities would make me feel accomplished! :)

    YAY! Watching movies in your pajamas while the weather outside is frightful! Bliss! :)

  3. I love hand made decorations. My most treasured possessions are some decorations that my children made me when they were little.
    ooh enjoy that snow and have a blessed Winter Solstice xo