Monday, December 8, 2008

Wrecking My Journal

I had a lot of fun with these pages. I think the rubbings with a pencil came out looking awesome. Scribbling wildly and violently with reckelss abandon... now there is something everyone should do! I love this book more and more every day. It's really helping me to be more creative.


  1. Fantastic!!! I totally have to get this book. I wish that we could hang out and do some serious wrecking together!


  2. I am with Jamie! I want to scribble and tear with wreck-less abandon! heh :)

  3. Woohoo! Oh I WANT one of these. You're doing fabulous with your anarchistic tendencies flowing freely here. Impressive Tori!

  4. I like Keri Smith, but when I saw "Wreck the Journal" in a bookstore I thought "geez what a gimmick! she must be outta her mind!"

    And You Have Proven Me Wrong!!

    I love what you are doing and watching you do it, I finally see the value of the book. I think I wasn't creative enough to "get it" until I saw your example!! Maybe I will get me a "wreck this journal" too ...

  5. This looks like so much FUN!!! You go, girl!