Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Rant & WTJ

I feel myself reaching that point where I am about to start screaming and throwing things like a two-year-old. I am feeling so overwhelmed again. The house needs to be picked up before my dad wakes up or he’s going to yell, dinner needs to be made, homework, scholarships, blogging, preparing for this weekend, I just want to relax! My head is going to explode. I was just sitting trying to clear my head and not worry about the things I need to do, but they won’t go away! I keep thinking I’m forgetting something.

Last night I finally gave my Aunt the papers she needs to help me with for a scholarship. That is one weight off my shoulders, replaced with two more. I now need to worry about actually getting the letters of recommendation for another scholarship, and I feel bad for giving my Aunt more things to do when she’s already busy to the point where she should be pulling her hair out. I came home late because I was at her house, and I had to come home to doing AP English homework and writing a paper for my mythology class. (I think it came out pretty good, I’ll share it when I get the corrections back from my teacher.) Quick dinner, more working on the paper, quick shower, House! I got to relax for an hour and watch the new episode of House last night.

To be honest I love blogging, but I’m afraid it might get lost somehow once I finally get my license (I had to go and remind myself about that, didn’t I…) and get a job. I want to bang my head against a wall already, and I’m wondering how I’m going to balance everything later! Sorry for this long rant about nothing. It has sort of helped me, though.

Here is what I got to do to wreck my journal today! During study hall I just randomly picked a word and wrote it over and over. That is also where I borrowed Eric's awesome double sided pen. After deciding I was a little too stressed, I found the page in the third picture and unleashed all of it.


  1. Are those pages from a book? They are amazing! haha.

  2. I know you have a lot on your plate, and I can totally empathize with you in the feeling. You are handling it remarkably well. :)

    I would gladly give you a recommendation. You are hard-working responsible, creative, caring, fair-minded, adventurous, thoughtful, dedicated, smart, and someone who I would be honored to have in my class. :)

  3. Whew! Sounds like you have a lot on your plate. I know the feeling! Life gets busy, doesn't it?

    Just remember to breathe. Take a couple of seconds,and really breathe deeply. The oxygen boost to your brain with help make you feel more calm and clear headed.

    I get that overwhelmed feeling, too. I try to remind myself just to worry about the one thing I have to do next, and just thing about getting to that. Then when it's done, I worry about the next thing on the list. Breaking it down into bits makes it less intimidating and easier to manage (at least for me!).

    Good luck with everything!

  4. It is so easy to feel overwhelmed when we think about everything we need to do. This is why I love focusing in the present moment because, when you do that, the feeling of being overwhelmed falls to the wayside. Just take a deep breath and connect to the present moment, take each step at a time and enjoy that moment and the things you need to do with have their own present moments with you as you move forward.

    I'm enjoying seeing your journal looks like fun, fun and more fun!

    love, light and peace,