Sunday, December 7, 2008


Yesterday while babysitting we pulled out all of our Christmas decorations and decorated the house! It was so much fun to have Keagan (the little boy I babysit) help us put everything up. I went and took a few pictures of my favorite things today. 90% of the decorations are the same ones we have had since I was little. Christmas is very much about being together as a family for us, so it's nice that we can still use all the old decorations.
The first picture is of our tree. We have a fake one because it's less of a problem to put up, maintain, and take down. I would prefer a real one, I love the smell they give the whole house, but I'm not going to complain that there are no needles to clean up. A lot of the stuff on the tree is home made, or gifts from people.

These are the stocking my sister and I were given at birth. The hospital we were born at gives them to all babies born in December. They are HUGE. Mine is the one on the left with the white ribbon, my sister's is on the right and has a green ribbon.

This is LEON! We've had this for so long. It's a joke in our family. It's supposed to spell NOEL, but we always put it backwards.

There's the little tour of our holiday decorating. We don't put things out in the yard (who wants to take them down in the snow?), we don't have tons of garland everywhere, we don't have a wreath either. I've always wanted a wreath, but we forget to buy one every year. It isn't much, but I love what we do for our house.


  1. Our tree is very similar, full of handmade decorations or ones that were gifted. I like those trees the best! Your LEON is the BEST!! I cracked up when I saw the picture.

  2. My favorite carol is The First Leon. HAHA! That killed me! Love your pictures and the warm memories that color them :)

  3. Oh your home is looking so Christmasy/Yuley! I love it Tori, thank you for sharing this with us. I love seeing your space all shiny and festive, it's beautiful.

  4. Leon! That's fabulous! We get a real tree every year and name it. This year's tree is "Chip".

  5. Awesome! Leon ROCKS!