Friday, November 14, 2008

Days 12&13 of Soul Coaching

I did do days 12 and 13 separately, but my computer is not working so I couldn't post last night.

DAY 12:
When I read the day 12 info and saw that Denise wanted me to "go slow" and "do nothing" I thought she must be kidding. I have always been a very active person. I'm always moving around, and if I'm not then my mind is still racing.

Everyday I am busy doing one thing and then another. I've often felt overwhelmed, but never thought I could do anything about it. I still don't think I can. I don't really mind it, though. I like being busy.

All day on the 12th the world was giving me time to go slow and do nothing. I was woken up at 4:30 by my cat. I couldn't sleep after that so I began my day at 5:30. I had the extra time to take it easy, I didn't use it. Instead of sitting around I did housework. In school I was given time to get some reading done, which I did. I had no homework to do that night (a miracle) and my computer will not connect to the internet. The world was just telling me to stop. After I wrote that I had a half hour before House started. I listened to the world for once and just did nothing.

DAY 13:
"My life is blessed, and I am so grateful."

This one is actually true. I really am thankful for my life. It has been so wonderful.

I am thankful for-

Being healthy
Having a loving family
Having a few friends who care
Having enough food to eat and a home
Being able to get an education

This morning I tried to tell myself "I love you!" I couldn't do it. Like Denise did, though, I said "I am willing to think about loving you." It's a process. Eventually I hope I will be able to say "Hello gorgeous!" to myself. =)


  1. Hello Gorgeous! It is a process, and you are well on your way! (I can't believe there you got up at 5:30 and did housework! What energy you must have)

  2. The Universe was really trying to get you to take a break, eh? Sometimes the U has quite a sense of humour!

  3. ooh yes, you did get alot of signs.. sometimes, we just gotta BE xoxo

  4. How awesome that you recognized the signs, sweet Universe was giving you! :)

    May the day you say "hello Gorgeous" to yourself be soon, because you are, inside and out! :)

  5. Funny how the universe stepped in and said, "Tori, now I love your energy and spirit but for goodness sakes, take a breather won't you?"


    How did it feel Tori? Was it OK?

    I'm thankful you are healthy and have a loving family and some dear friends. I hope you will be able to see the divine feminine beauty in yourself very soon.

  6. I'm grateful that I'm not the only one who has a cat that wakes them at 4:30am. You will one day be able to say "hello gorgeous" to yourself and smile. In the meantime, you're willing to think about it and that's a great start. Thank you for sharing what you are grateful for. Blessings, Nicole x