Monday, November 10, 2008

Soul Coaching

I feel like there is negativity surrounding me. I'm drowning in it. My parents just had a stupid argument (not uncommon) and now my good mood has vanished. I can't wait to shower and wash away these feelings.

After their argument my parents always come to me to complain and rationalize their side to me. My dad just did it. In order to prevent my mood from worsening I told him to leave me alone. I can't stand it when they do that to me. After he left, though, I looked at the meaning I gave it. "He came to me to complain." Well, it's true. What if I look at it a bit differently, though? He came to me because he was upset that he had an argument with my mom. I prefer this one.

It sounds nicer, but does not change the fact that him doing it gives me a headache. It is something to analyze at a later date. I want to shower.

Update: I'm out of the shower and I feel much better now.


  1. Hugs sweetie. Let the water cleanse their negativity off you. Their issues are not your issues. Put yourself in a happy bubble and cocoon there! Sending you lots of positive, warm, watery energy! :)

  2. That was pretty smart of you - showering off the negativity. Also, I like that you asked not to be told about the argument, and you reframed the interaction with your dad. Kudos on the good work.

  3. Remember to express how you feel, I think that was one of the things we are suppose to do this week. Continue to stand in your power and let them know that you are now available to listen right now. Taking a shower always makes me feel better, too.

  4. This is the week for use water in all forms. In tears, in showers, in drinks. I hate arguments as well, they take away my energy. But then again, it's better (if it can be put that way) that your parents argue sometimes than that they kep everything inside. It would become a huge storm one day. I think that they come to talk to you because tey care about you, and know you were listening to them, and want to explain their reasons.
    It's great that you felt better after the shower washed away your bad feelings.

  5. I'm always amazed by the Power of the Shower! I'm glad it helped you wash the negativity asway!

  6. I think the shower cleansed you of their negativity. It's so hard when you live with negative people. Light candles and ask the light to keep your spirit free of their negative energy. I hope this helps!