Sunday, November 9, 2008

Soul Coaching- Turning Points

Ah, the turning points in my life. I have tried to think about these before. I thought the answers were so silly. It left me wondering "Are they right?" Well since I am getting the same answers that means either I am going about it wrong, or they are right. Because they seem silly I wasn't sure if I wanted to share them. I decided that I do.

Reading The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. Now I know this one is silly, but it's a turning point for me. After reading it I began looking into Pagan beliefs. I looked seriously and found that I wanted to study it more. It sparked an interest for me to grow. Look where it has led me- I am walking down my path at an early age. Who says curiosity killed the cat?

Reading The Cat Who... series by Lillian Jackson Braun. These books sparked my interest in journalism. Even though I do not want to be a journalist anymore, if I had not been interested in it I may not have taken so many English classes. If I had not taken them I would not have improved my writing skills as much as I have.

Watching the TV show Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives. This is a Food Network show hosted by Guy Fieri. Watching this made me realize that I want to own a restaurant. It's important because this is now what I plan to do with my life.

Being in 4H for most of my life. I wasn't sure if I should put this. It seems kind of silly to me that this is a turning point because there was never any doubt that I would be in 4H and show cows. It's a family thing. One of my uncles is part owner in a farm and I spent a lot of my childhood there. So it never was a specific point, it's just a part of my life. I am still an active member of 4H. I put it because it has changed my life though.

Watching one of my uncles beat his dog. I wish I could forget this horrible experience. It is still hard to think about even though it happened probably ten years ago. Seeing that happen made me realize how much I care about animals, and that I can hate a person. He is the one person I know who I can honestly say I hate. He has done so many other horrible things as well, that combined really make me just hate him. I never thought I could hate a person. Whenever I think about this I can't help but cry, and then my mind goes back to trying to repress the memory. Seeing as water week is about emotions I'm sure I will be forced to think about this again.


  1. You are so solidly on the path of who you are and what yous mission is! I am so proud of you :)

    Terrible events can spark powerful turning points. I'm sorry you had to witness that, but that you were able to get something positive from it, shows how strong you are! :)

  2. Pssst. Mz C. is me. I was logged into my school blog account. DOH! I can't keep my blogs straight! haha :)

  3. 4H sounds amazingly transformative.
    Water week might be cleansing for some of those more horrible turning points. I'm sorry you had to witness it, but I am glad you came out the other side a better person as a result.

  4. Tori - none of these turning points sounds silly at all - they are all amazing places where understanding has shifted and your life opened up in new ways. Even the ugly episode with the uncle. I think it's awesome you learned something from something so awful.

    Books and art have had profound effects in my life as well. I've been having trouble with this turning points exercise today, now I am going to rethink turning points in light of your post, how and where writers and artists have changed my perspective. Thanks

    PS I hate your uncle too. Pick on someone your own size - animals and children are so defenseless, it really boils my blood.


  5. if you do think of your Uncles terrible, terrible actions.. make sure you do cry - and scream, rage and punch a pillow.. don't let that hatred fester inside.

    When I saw the DaVinci Code, I sat and held my breath.. it was so perfectly right.. I could not leave the theatre when it ended,, I had to sit and weep.. something about it touched my soul deeply and since seeing the movie, i have found my roots.

  6. Books can really change lives, for me it was The Mists of Avalon that awoke me to female spirituality. Now I want to read The Davinci Code!

    The Food Network has inspired me when it comes to food too. Wow, your own restaurant eh? Don't watch Kitchen Nightmares then. It scared me off that whole business, LOL. I think this is an amazing dream Tori. You can do it!

    How can people be cruel to animals?! It's nuts!

  7. I was fascinated by the verbs that introduced your turning points: reading, watching, being.

    What a powerful way to take in the world and be transformed.

    I'm sorry you witnessed and that poor dog experienced such an act of violence and cruelty. May our soul journeys create more peace and love in the world.

  8. You are so brave and strong.
    Sometimes horrible experiences can be empowering turning points for us.
    Sending you virtual hugs.

  9. No turning point can be considered silly, if they changed the way you see the world! I'm working on these in my mind right now, some are not pleasant ones as well, but necessary for my life.

    Loved the post!