Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Soul Coaching

Just let me mention that I felt wonderful after keeping my promise and meditating for 15 minutes yesterday. I don't for which reason it was, keeping the promise or the meditation. Probably both. I do know that I feel I can trust myself a bit more now.

Today was a day about decluttering. I had a very busy day and did not get the chance to declutter my entire bedroom like I wanted to. I cleaned a smaller portion of it, and promised to do a complete clutter clean-out on Friday.

As I was cleaning I realized that I had let my room get messy and clutttered because that is how my life is at the moment. I am busy with other things, and my room is suffering because of it. I have also been very stressed. I noticed how relaxed I was while I cleaned my room. It is rare that I am relaxed while cleaning because I usually have my dad (a cleaning nazi) there yelling at us the entire time. My favorite time to clean is when I am home by myself. I put on my music and sing out loud while dancing with the broom. It is so much fun.

S0 even though there is still some clutter in my room, it feels much more comfortable now. Hopefully I can convince my dad and sister to leave the house for a couple hours on Friday so I can do a really good cleaning job on the rest of the house.


  1. Sounds like an exhilarating day! WEE! :)

  2. I love blasting music and cleaning when I have the house to myself.

    Wishing you a musical Friday afternoon all to yourself and your space!

  3. You got started in your own way and that is what counts. Way to go Tori! Yes, the mess can reflect our lives but imagine what it'll do when our homes are serene?!

  4. I love it! I was blaring music while I cleaned my bedroom, too!

  5. Congrats on being true to you and building trust.

    I totally relate to busy life = cluttered space! I'm glad that cleaning was relaxing :)

  6. LOL I am a broom dancer also! I always do my best cleaning when all alone. Kinda hard now with hubby,3 kids, and a dog. Cherish it now while you can!

  7. Isn't it funny that you have to kick people out to get stuff done.

    Glad you had such a great day and that you felt the space open up around you!


  8. This was a favorite exercise so far to me, Tori. I love cleaning, I do feel relaxed during the cleaning and all happy afterwards. I'm glad that you managed to keep your word to yourself about your meditation time! It's good to feel this control when the rest in a bit chaotic.

    Kisses from Nydia.