Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Wonderful, Discouraging, Stressful

Those three words best describe the past two days! I don't even know where to begin. Yesterday was just a crazy day. On Sunday a friend emailed me a new scholarship that I would be eligible for, I printed out the form and realized it is due on Friday. I hurried to fill it out, and I did get it filled out. That is the quickest I've ever finished a scholarship form. I wrote the (thankfully short) essay they wanted for it yesterday morning. 7th period yesterday I was having my English teacher check the essay for corrections and fill out an assessment form. I ended up staying after school to get my guidance counselor's signature and a copy of my transcript. Tia and I walked to the post office to mail out two scholarship forms (two down, millions more to go) and then we went to our Aunt Jen's.

I finally got some good news there that made my day... less bad I guess. xD I can't say exactly what it is because they don't want to tell many people right now, but it made my day much better! The other good thing that happened was my Aunt Jen gave me a copy of the new Kim Harrison book, signed! It's not only her name this time, it's signed To Victoria. I can't wait to start reading it! After this I went and watched movies with my cousin, completely ignoring my homework until I got back home at 8 o'clock. I still got it done, which is why I am so amazed when other kids don't get theirs done.

Even with the awesome evening, I still woke up discouraged and wanting to just hide away in a corner somewhere. I know filling out so many scholarships is going to help me later, but that doesn't help me feel any better now. They are time consuming, exhausting, and I've had a nonstop headache hiding in the back of my head since Sunday morning. I got a letter from the Elks Club this afternoon saying I only got a $300 scholarship from them. As my sister puts it "That's a pity scholarship!" I know I should feel happy that I got that much, but they have other scholarships ranging from $20,000 to $60,000. I found myself swearing at the air, and feeling even more discouraged than when I woke up.

Luckily I get a break tomorrow. I've got a field trip! The Spanish and French classes are going to a theatre to see Don Quixote and The Three Musketeers. I haven't seen a play in years, and tomorrow I get to see two! It's going to be wicked fun.


  1. Those are two exciting plays you are going to see!

    I know it can get tiring doing legwork that seems endless!

    May the scholarships keep rolling in! :)

  2. So, what's the news?! Call me and tell me, perhaps?

    I miss you! We need to hang out soon! I hope everything gets better ASAP!