Thursday, March 19, 2009

End of The Week, End of My Problems?

I can only hope that the end of my week can mean the end of my problems. I feel bad because this will be my second post in a row that is me ranting about my life and stress. I don't want to drag this into my post for Ostara tomorrow, though. I've got no school tomorrow at least. I love teacher workshop days! I'm still not sure what to do tomorrow besides give in to my urge to clean the house from top to bottom. Spring is here- and I want the house neat again!

I really am thankful for the teacher workshop day tomorrow. I was saying to my sister this morning that I wouldn't want to get up tomorrow anyway. I don't know why, but my entire week has turned into this what-else-can-go-wrong kind of mess. It's not that anything major has gone wrong, just tons of little things that have added up. Including my cat getting sick once again. We have no idea why she gets sick, but it happens two or three times every year. Usually when the weather changes from cold to warm (like in the spring) or warm to cold (fall and winter). We can't figure it out. She throws up and we give her medicine for it (thank the gods for a cheap vet!), but it always comes back months later. If anyone has suggestions, I am open to them.

I want to thank everyone for your wishes last week on Wednesday! Today my parents and grandparents met with the other would-be neighbor to ask if we could buy land from them so we could have enough for our trailer. It turns out he may be willing to sell the entire piece of land to us! There is a house there, but he wouldn't charge anything for it he says because it needs too much work. If he does decide to sell it to us it will be better than I could expect. I've thought that piece of land would be perfect for us for a long time. Fingers crossed!

A three day weekend, and I have no homework! How much better can it get? Not sure. How does Spring weather sound to you? Sounds great to me! I only wish we could rely on not getting more snow so that we could start planting flowers. I'm ready to put the horrible week behind me and have a fantastic weekend!


  1. I hope your cat is feeling better today, and I hope you have a great weekend, honey :)

    That's awesome news about the land! I am keeping my fingers crossed. :)

  2. girl, I am totally feel the crazy week. And everyone I've talked to has mentioned how rough it's been for them too.

    I think we're all just sprouting new blooms and I think that can be painful. :-)

    hope your cat feels better soon!!