Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Ostara!

It's the Spring Equinox! A day for new beginnings and saying goodbye to the cold winter that kept us all inside for WAY too long. Sadly we can't be sure that means we won't get anymore snow. It's still early. But we can hope! The weather for this weekend looks good, maybe the rest of the snow will melt.

I plan to clean the house this weekend. I've been wanting to for a few weeks now, but life gets in the way. It's time to change my sheets and blankets especially. The nights are warmer now, so there's no need for the winter blankets anymore. This will be a weekend long project, because we do have other plans for today. The vet is doing a herd check at the farm that my sister and I do 4-H with, so we're planning on helping our aunt catch cows. We get to watch sonograms and who knows what else.

I'm not sure what else my weekend will bring, but it's going to be fun. Planting flowers will have to wait until the places around here start selling them. We live right across the road from a nursery, and we know the owners! Usually that means we can get some good deals. I want to do some baking tonight also, so I'll have a recipe to share soon!

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  1. You're such a domestic powerhouse! I could take a lesson or two from you :)Looking forward to the recipe :)