Friday, January 9, 2009

Wreck! This! Journaaaal!

I've been doing some more journal wrecking. The four letter word page was a lot of fun! Emeline, my friend from France, helped me with it. I think it was really helpful for her to think of words in English. She came up with most of them! I was busy writing them all down as she said them. Even after the page was full we kept coming up with new words the rest of the day.

Maybe it's because I grew up watching silly game shows on TV- I can't help but think that, if you say it right, Wreck This Journal sounds like the name of a TV game show. Each word would have an exclamation point after it, and the host would draw out the last syllable of journal as he was saying it. Just one of those silly thoughts that make me laugh. xD

As you can see, blogger is letting me add pictures again! So I was able to add the pictures of my banana bread and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies on that other post.


  1. I really need to get myself the "Wreck this Journal" as it loooks like so much fun!!!

  2. YOu banana bread and cookies sounded yummy and they look yummier!

    I think you should host the new game show Wreck! This! Journaaaal! Your enthusiasm would make you a natural!

  3. Oh, yes, I can hear it now "I'm TORI, your host for W-reck This JOUR-NAL!! Our contestants this week are Cindy Lou from Oklahoma & . . .

    How fun that your friend from France practiced her English helping you with the words :)

  4. I'm glad blogger is letting you add pics again and we can see your journal. It's true, it does sound like a game show title doesn't it? Oh you would so win!