Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Snow Day # 4

We got hit with some bad weather overnight, so today is snow day number four! I'm actually not complaining. I finished any homework I had last night, so I'm free to do other things. Like watching a movie, reading a book, blogging, and baking. I have been wanting to bake something for a few days. One of my friends at school said she wants banana bread. We have bananas, so I guess that's what I'm making. Banana bread is easy to make, and easy to give away to people! The worst thing about baking for me is the temptation to eat everything. I like going to my Aunt Jen's house to bake- she has a huge kitchen and there are always tons of people there to eat the food. I will post the banana bread recipe later, along with pictures.

My sister and I need to pick restaurants we want to eat at when we go to Disney World next month. This is the first real vacation we've ever had, so we're all wicked excited! I want to visit all the different 'countries' they have there, and try new foods. It's going to be a busy week...


  1. What a great approach to a snow day! I find there are so many different ways to make banana bread. I made one with white chocolate once and thought it was divine but my husband couldn't taste the bananas, LOL. I totally agree with you about Ina, she is so approachable, her food so simple yet yummy and her unpretentious approach is downright charming.

    My fridge is definitely the next big cleaning project for me. Just bought a TON of groceries so it may be a while until my fridge is empty enough to go for it.

  2. Okay I need to move to where you are. We have NO snow days!



    You are so full of vitality! Coming to your blog always puts a smile on my face. :) I have seen you BloSSoM over the past few months and it makes my heart glad! :)