Monday, January 12, 2009


When I got home from school I had just enough time to do my homework before my cousin came in and stole me over to her house so we could watch her new DVD, Guys and Dolls. I loved it! My cousin and I are both fans of musicals. It is a long movie, so I ended up staying for dinner. I left with new scratches from her puppy, and a delicious chicken recipe. I'll share the recipe with you later. It is so simple, but SO good.

My cousin brought me home and I showered, only to get out and remember that I wanted to make chocolate chip cookies tonight. Luckily, we had a mix in the cupboard! I want to make these cookies because it's been a tradition since 9th grade that every time I want to make a change to my class schedule I give Mr. A., my guidance counselor, some sort of food. I thought I had my schedule for next semester figured out a month ago, but I decided just today that I want to add a class. I want to take Conflict Resolution 2nd period. My current 7th period teacher is teaching that class and he was telling us about it today. It is a new class, but it sounds promising.

This Friday and next Tuesday-Thursday I have midterms/ finals in all of my classes. I am going to have a lot of reviewing to do! Because of this I may not be on as much. It also means that the new semester begins soon. I will have new classes to talk about, and a new homework schedule to adjust to.

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  1. Good luck with your exams/finals! I am sure you will breeze through them! :)

    Hope those cookies work for you :) It's a cute tradition you have going there. :) Sounds like an interesting class. :)