Tuesday, January 13, 2009


My French teacher is crazy, brilliant, funny, and awesome all in one. He is Mr. Huntley, and probably one of my favorite teachers. We learn so much in his class, and we're always having fun. We read and write stories, act out dialogues, sing songs, watch videos, and so much more. He has a collection of clothes, hats, and other random items in his classroom that we dress up in. All while learning French.

He is truly my favorite teacher, though, not just because of the fun stuff. He has taught us life lessons. One of them being what he calls JPITSOL. He said this is a Buddhist idea that he shortened into an acronym. It means Joyfully Participate In The Sorrows Of Life. He told us "If there is one thing I can teach you, let this be it." Instead of being angry when things go wrong, find the humor in it. Crack a joke. Have fun. His SmartBoard keeps shutting down randomly while he's teaching. Instead of being mad, he's started a score to see which period in breaks down the most in.

I think this is important! It's definitely something I am going to try and remember forever.

On a side note- Mr. A. loved the cookies, and I am now signed up to take Conflict Resolution 2nd period next semester! The tradition started in 9th grade when he first became our guidance counselor. He always used to complain about students wanting to make changes to their class schedules. My friends and I promised him one day that if he made the changes we'd give him a plate of brownies. It just became a fun tradition after that. =)


  1. YES! I love to hear about awesome and creative teachers. Mr. H sounds like an amazing one. :) He must be so happy to have you in his class. I know I would be :) Congrats on getting the course you wanted. But then again, brownies are little miracle workers :)

  2. Wow, I have never had a teacher like that! He sounds like a great person who makes life fun, exciting and inspiring. You are so very lucky Tori, I'm so glad you bake him cookies!