Sunday, January 18, 2009

There's More Than Books at Borders

Yesterday we took a trip to Keene! Yes, I drove. No, I do not want to talk about that. Anyway, in Keene is my favorite kind of store- a book store! We went to Borders where I got to spend that money I earned babysitting. I'm usually good at saving money; but when I want something and I have the cash for it in hand... it's hard to resist treating myself to a new book. I bought more than a book yesterday, though! I bought a beginner's yoga kit. It comes with everything I need, including an instructional DVD. On top of the box is the book that I did buy, The Mists of Avalon. We saw the movie in my Mythology class, and I want to read the book.

I began listening to my body more when I began Soul Coaching. I learned a lot in that month, but after it was over I got busy and only half listened. It's hard to ignore screaming, though! My body has been yelling at me and making me miserable. It keeps telling me I need to move around and do something. I am refusing to go outside in the cold weather and snow, so I needed to find a more indoor type of activity. I've wanted to learn yoga for a while... so voila! Perfect solution. =)


  1. I adore the Mists of Avalon. It is one of my all-time favorite books! I need to buy it again in fact. I didn't know there was a movie! Was it good? Is it worth getting? Can you tell I'm slightly manic over this? hehe

  2. I can't compare the book and the movie yet, but the movie is definitely worth watching!

  3. I'm a newer reader but I don't think I've ever commented.

    Borders is the store I would marry. I would work there if I lived with someone who paid my bills. =) Yoga would be the bridesmaid. Yoga is awesome! I hope you enjoy it! My daughter (she's 10) and I use a video with Rodney Yee. Good luck with your new work out!

  4. PERFECT! OMG Tori, that is the smartest decision you can make. Yoga is wonderful and the perfect way to start listening to your body. When I discovered yoga many, many years ago it changed my life for the better. I am glad you have something to do inside now for your body. A lot of it is being OK with NOT moving. That may be challenging for you but maybe that's what you need right now. You are one smart cookie!

  5. Shades of Scorpio- I use a Rodney Yee video also. It's perfect for me, and easily fits into my busy schedule!

    Suzie- I am loving yoga so far. My body is thankful for the daily activity! I can handle not moving sometimes, I get stir crazy if I have to do it all the time, though. xD

  6. Oh, Tori - I think you'll love the book!! & I'm with you on bookstores!! Love love love them! & easy to spend $$ on books!

    I actually got to hear MZB speak in the 80s!!!!! I told some girlfriends & we went - it was at an old church. I knew she'd had a stroke, but it was still surprising to see a 'dumpy' little lady approach the podium! One of my friends whispered 'I think that's a BAG LADY!!!' I whispered back - "No, it's Marion!!"

    She wore a sweater, & socks rolled around her ankles, & put her purse on the stand! Then she began to talk, & what she looked like didn't matter one bit!
    There was a b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l woman doing sign language interp; she had on sandels,a green dress, & long hair (Marion's was short & grey!) - looked like one of her heroines!

    Marion talked about writing 'pot boiler' novels (check out her Darkover books - they are also really good - Sci Fi - but also about intuitive & powerful people!) while her kids were young, & just keeping on writing, no matter what! One woman complained that she 'couldn't' do anything creative because of her kids, & Marion asked "Didn't you hear what I said?!" She also mentioned that it was harder for women in the past, that spinning & weaving everything anyone wore took so much time, not to mention food prep, etc.

    She wrote 'Mists' after Steinbeck died, he'd written one on Arthur, & his pub. asked Marion if she'd write one from Lancelot's point of view - & she KNEW she wanted to write about the WOMEN - & said so! & he said OK :) She wrote or co-authored some others on Avelon - Priestess of Avelon, is one.

    I'm glad you began Yoga & are enjoying it! I love to dance & Tai Chi/Qigong are more my style, but I began with a Yoga BOOK in HS :)
    & think of extra Magnesium if you get sore! Epsom salts in your bath; & some docs. now think we should be getting = amount of Calcium & Magnesium. Dark leafy greens & whole grains are natural sources, I like herb teas (nettles, alfalfa, raspberry) . . . Mag. is a natural muscle relaxant (perhaps as many as 80% of folks in North America are mag deficient!!)

    OK - off to bed!! Good to see your notes on life - & your Fr. teacher sounds awesome!