Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Show and Tell

I just wanted to update and share. I took my last two exams today! The first was AP English, which I wrote two pages for. We had to analyze how the language, point of view, imagery, and writing style influenced a poem. My specialty. Crossing my fingers, still! =) The Mythology final I took in the afternoon was my easiest one. I'm just glad the exams are over. At least until June.

Time for show and tell! lol My Aunt Jen gave me a book signed by one of my favorite authors. She's the one who introduced me to these vampire books, so she knows what I like to read. Kim Harrison write fantastic stories! To pay my aunt back I'm going to give her the last third of frozen almond cookie dough. Last time I gave her some of the cookies she couldn't stop eating them!


  1. How cool to have an autographed copy!
    Yay for you on those exams...keeping my fingers crossed for ya!
    I'm sure you did great!

  2. Hi Tori! finally got to visit your blog.. wanted to let you know that your faery package will be sent next week sometime.

    lucky you to be given an autographed book.. what a keepsake for the future!

  3. YAY! I;m glad your exams are over and you are happy about them. I am sure you did well. I can't imagine otherwise. :)

    Lovely gift your aunt gave you. :)

  4. Congrats on getting through your exams! That's HUGE! Oh and I am totally checking out that book via my library. There's a line for it, must be good! What a lovely gift and treasure.

  5. Thanks Robyn! I can't wait. =)

    And thanks to everyone! I'm sure I did okay on the exams... I do fine every year, I still freak out every year, though. xD