Monday, October 20, 2008

Pumpkin Bread is Wicked Awesome

Yesterday I made Mrs. B’s Prosperity Pumpkin Bread. It is so delicious! If you like pumpkin, I suggest making this bread. It’s a simple recipe, unless you’re like me and decide to make a double batch even though your biggest bowl is too small. xD Because I made so much I am giving it away to people. Everyone who’s had some loved it.
I planned on posting about the bread yesterday, but my computer decided it didn’t want to connect to the internet during the afternoon. It’s working fine today so I think we just have a problem with the wireless router. We need to buy a new one.

Today I had to leave school early to go and get jabbed with a needle. I hate shots, they hurt- and these HPV ones hurt worse than most. What’s stinks is my little sister didn’t even freak out like I did. It would have made me feel better if she had.

If I ever finish all my homework I will find something more interesting than my life to post about. Finding things to write about shouldn’t be a problem next month. Soul Coaching begins on November 1st! Anyone who is participating, remember to check out the blog and see what you can do to prepare for the 1st.


  1. These looks so yummy! You can post about your life as long s you want, it will never be boring. Have you seen my blog?? It's all about my life and my people.
    Kisses from Nydia.

  2. That bread does look fabulous! I hope prosperity also finds you soon. If it's any consolation, I truly with I could have that vaccine. It's too late for me and now I live in chronic fear of that illness returning until I hear from doctor that I am OK. It is worth it.