Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Driving Test

Today I went to take my driving test. I passed the written with only 4 out of 30 wrong. I was so relieved! Because the DMV was not busy I even got to take the driving part. This is where I got nervous. I do not really like driving to begin with, but I know I need my license. Skipping all the horrible details, I'll just say that I did not pass the driving test. I know what I need to work on, and I'll be driving everywhere we need to go for the next two weeks. I go back to try again November 3rd.

After the test I went and bought things to make chocolate covered pretzels. My cousin and I are going to make them later this afternoon for the Halloween Dance on Friday. I'll get pictures and try to post them tonight when I get home. I will probably not be on the computer at all tomorrow or Friday. Tomorrow we need to set up the Haunted Walk and Friday I'll be helping at the dance.

This afternoon I have homework to catch up on. Maybe I'll find some time to relax, I am skipping school after all!


  1. Oh, driving test, uck!

    I passed my test the first time, lol, but I didn't take the test until I was 22!

    When I moved to NJ from Texas, I had to get an NJ license...and failed the written 2 times!

    You have the hard part down, now just relax and get some practice for the driving. Good luck!

  2. Sorry you didn't pass at first, Tori, but I know this is so common to happen, and now that you know your weak points, you can practice a lot until the new test's date! You'll be just fine, I'm sure!

    Yumm... pretzels covered with chocolate... I'm drooling to the thought of it! LOL Have a great time tomorrow and carpe diem! :o)

    Kisses from Nydia.

  3. Me again, I just tagged you! Go to my page when you have a chance! :o)