Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I planned on writing some sort of informative post tonight. It’s been such a great day though and it just feels like Autumn has finally come! It’s also close to dinner and I have no information gathered for an educational post. xP So I am just going to talk about October and all the wonderful things that happen during this month.

First off is probably the most exciting blogging event of the month! Mrs. B.’s 31 Days of Halloween Event has finally begun! Mrs. B. is giving away at least one item every day this month! These items are donated by various people, and they are all truly amazing pieces of art! She will also have guest bloggers, craft ideas, and recipes. You should check out her blog if you haven’t already.

The next exciting blogging event is Sacred Suzie’s Halloween Etsy. She has made tons of handmade pendants and is selling them. They all look awesome, and they aren’t very expensive! Don’t miss out on buying one, go check out her blog!

Personally, October is my favorite month. During September we can still get some days that feel too warm. The Autumn weather is perfect. The leaves are beautiful. Plus, on the last day, we’ve got Halloween! You can really have the Halloween spirit all month long too. I know I plan on visiting Salem, Massachusetts, for at least a day. I went last year with my family, and I’ve been wanting to go back! There is a great haunted hay ride in the town near us that we go to every year. It’s the last month before I have to hear endless talking about snow, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Not that those things aren’t fun, but I truly do miss the month of October when it’s gone.


  1. Are you serious?! You're actually going to go to Salem? That is the absolutely coolest thing to do for Halloween. It sounds amazing!

    Thank you so much for the link, I appreciate that so much. And I agree, I'm totally excited about Mrs. B's giveaway. So many treasures!

  2. I think everybody is jumping high and low with Mrs.B.'s giveaways! I foresee that until the end of the month I'll wake in expectation! It's like a party I was waiting for a long time to go! :O)

    October is a good month for me as well, my older brothers Evaldo and Delcio were born in this very month, and there's also Children's Day, when I pamper even moremy little son!

    Wow, you're visiting Salem?! You have to tell us everything about it when you return!

  3. I am so close to Salem, and yet I've never made the trip. Maybe next summer we'll finally break down and do a weekend there.

    Have fun!

    And thanks for the linkage ;O)