Friday, October 3, 2008


I just found out today that I have been accepted to the New England Culinary Institute! This is the college that three months ago I thought was the only one for me. I am happier than you can imagine that I now have it for a definite option, but I am not sure if it is where I will go.

I still want to own and manage a restaurant, but I realize that there are other good schools out there. I am going to the open house at Green Mountain College in a couple of weeks. It seems like a good school where I could learn what I want. At NECI I would only learn Restaurant Management; at Green Mountain I could learn management and other things that interest me. My family also wants me to look into Cornell. I think it’s farfetched that I could get into Cornell, but I’ll look into it if for no other reason than to make them stop bothering me about it.

Talking with my family I also found out that I will be the first on either side to go to college. My older cousin is planning on going, but she has yet to apply anywhere. I hope this is going to become a common thing. I would love to see my little sister and some of my younger cousins go to college!

Leaving home is a scary idea. I know that around this time next year I will need to become a much stronger person. Being close to my family makes staying away from them for a long period of time difficult. I’ve mastered being away for up to ten days, I wonder if I can stand being away for longer. It’s months and months away though, so for now I want to think about the fun things I will be able to do!

I will have a nice, long, informational post up before the weekend is over. I feel bad that I keep writing these short posts that have almost nothing to do with Paganism. I have ideas running through my head now. Maybe I should start writing them down so I don’t forget them! xD


  1. Tori, you have many paths. Right now you need to focus on your future career and that's cool with me! I think having a career in the restaurant business is fascinating (I'm a big foodie) and that you're thinking about your options. The cool thing about culinary courses, at least the ones I have heard of, do teach you about the business side of things too. I guess it depends on if you want food to be your focus, or management. Either way, I know you will do great and find your way.

    And good for you for going to college! That's a HUGE accomplishment.

  2. I love reading posts that are about you! Posts about paganism don't mean very much if you don't know a bit about the person behind them.

  3. I agree with Mrs.B., posts about paganism are great, but it's better if we know about the person behind them (who am I to say, have you read my blog, right?? Lots of family stuff actually! LOL)

    It's super-great that you're going to colege! I didn't know you have this dream of opening our own restaurant, so cool! I do wish in due time you find the best place to study. Being away from family is not easy, I personally know about it. But what you must keep in mind is that they'll always be a part of you, no matter where you are! A quay where your boat can always sail back to when you need comfort. That's how we grow up!

    Kisses from Nydia.

  4. Ah! Torikins!

    I was driving around my new neighbourhood today, checking out the area...and, quite honestly, being lost (haha), and I found the neatest thing for our restaurant! There was a church and outside with a "free" sign nearby was about...oh..say ten? or so of those "bar stool" chairs. y'know, nineteen fifty's-like...metal base, red cushion-y top. but they were the real thing and the bee's knees for sure!! i wished i'd snap a picture to show you. 'twas rather neat!

    Also, you need to come visit someday soon! It would be greatly appreciated. <3

  5. Thanks to everyone! College is a big step and I can't wait.

    You found my blog Tearnee! =D I love those kinds of chairs. And I really want to go visit. October is wicked busy though. I've got to plan for the Halloween dance, I'm visiting Green Mountain College, a hiking trip, more planning for the dance, and I want Aunt Jen to take me to Salem for an early birthday present. I don't know how it's all going to fit!