Monday, September 29, 2008


In a half asleep daze around 2 in the morning I made an unusual connection. I had woken up because my cold medicine wore off. This happens sometimes. I wake up and cannot fall back asleep, so I just lay there and think. I am amazed at what I can remember, and left to wonder about what I cannot. One odd thought I do remember from this morning is this little epiphany: using magic is like driving a car.

Don’t ask how I came to think about it. After thinking about it more and more though I feel that it’s true. They are both useful tools that, if you are going to use, you should learn to use properly. If you use either of them recklessly it can hurt you or other people. It’s a crazy thought, and may not make much sense. If so, just ignore those two paragraphs of rambling.

My cold almost kicked my butt this morning. Homecoming weekend was fun, but exhausting. I did not get enough sleep, and I would have loved to stay home today. A sense of responsibility, and some cold medicine, overcame wanting to sleep all day and I went to school. I am feeling a bit better this evening, but I can tell that this is going to last all week. Below is a picture of me and the group of friends I went to Homecoming with. I have the red dress. The dance was fun, but I'm glad I don't have to go to another for a while!


  1. What a bummer you're sick for homecoming! I know what you mean about the cold meds, mine stops at 4 am and suddenly I am completely awake. My husband reminded me I could take more medicine and continue my sleeping journey, duh Suzie! I was getting up and getting on the computer instead, not good.

    I hope you're feeling better soon and I wish I knew how to drive a car, I'm sure your analogy is very accurate.

  2. You look gorgeous in your red dress! Sorry that your cold didn't let you have the fun you should, though.

    I like your analogy between magic x driving a car, it makes all the sense! Both must be used with responsibility. But like Suzie above, I don't know how to drive, wish I knew... But in Rio's chaotic traffic, I just can't!