Saturday, October 4, 2008

Fae House

Usually I am no good at crafts. It hasn’t stopped me from trying though! I have made a few things that are not horrible, so I figure I will share them with you. I made a Fairy House last year, and I still have it sitting in my room on a shelf. It is not the nicest thing ever, but it works.

I went to Wal-Mart and bought three different colors of felt for it. I have green, white, and pink. I bought some feathers and small popsicle sticks also. We have a hot glue gun so I used that. I figured it would be better than a glue stick and safer than super glue. Every time I use super glue I end up with my fingers glued together or to something else, so I am really not going to use it unless I need to! xD

I got a box and I glued a piece of felt to the bottom. I made two beds, a table, two chairs, and a chest out of the popsicle sticks. It wasn’t difficult; I did mess up a few times though! I tried to take pictures of the furniture, but I am not very good at it so they did not come out. Next I made mattresses, pillows, and blankets out of the felt. The mattresses and pillows have pieces of feathers in them. I even made extra blankets to put in the chest.

Next I cut a couple windows and a door into the box, even though there is no top on it. Then I decorated by gluing multi-colored straw and some beads on the front of the house. I also put some glitter on it, because the Fae love sparkly things.

Like I said, it’s not the nicest. But, it was fun to make and it is something for the Fae. I hope someone else decides to make one. I’d love to see some pictures!


  1. What a great idea! This is something I'll have to make with the kids!

  2. I'm sure they totally love it and feel honoured you made it!

    I used to be pathetic at crafting and all things artistic. I gave up on it a lot but kept being drawn back. It is the process that is important, the desire to create has power and you do improve, I promise.

    I get scared when working with glue because I am so accident prone so now I only use it when I have latex gloves on. I bought a big box and that has freed me a lot. Perhaps it could help you?

  3. Good idea with the latex gloves! My mom brought home a box from work, and can get more if we ever run out. Thanks for the suggestion! I will be using gloves next time I need to use super glue. =)

  4. I love it!

    I think Suzie is right, it's the process that's important.. being creative can teach us so much.

  5. What a great little family project. I wish my kids were younger and would be interested in something like this.

  6. Just lovely, Tori!! Wish I was tiny enough to walk in it! :o)
    Bet you know who'll love making one of these at home... :o)

    Kisses from Nydia.

  7. Hi! Found your blog from MrsB's place. I am not the most crafty person in the world either but as someone said before, its more about the intent and process of what your doing. Besides, practice enough at it and you might find you get better! If you like jewelry I would recommend making drop earrings. They are EXTREMELY easy and using certain stones you could make healing type earrings for friends and family. Just a suggestion!

  8. Thanks for the suggestion Angela! I could make some Christmas gifts for my friends. It would save me some money, and be more fun than shopping.