Friday, November 18, 2011

Looking to the Future

That last post was really just a big rant, so I apologize about that. I really am very thankful the last year is over with, though. Time to look to the future!

In my immediate future: Work, cleaning the house and stressing about money, finding an apartment, and finding a job. That's a daily basis thing for me.

My sister, Tia, is turning 16 on December 3rd. Exciting! And nerve racking. She's my baby sister... so I have a lot of mixed feelings about this. To celebrate we are going to the resort I work at and we are both getting massages. This is going to be such a treat! I've been working there since April and still haven't taken advantage of the $40 50 minute massage... and that's including gratuity. It's mostly because I would rather spend my money on other people rather than myself. Which is why the only way this was going to happen is if I was going to the spa with someone. We'll be celebrating the day after her birthday, as I know the spa is much slower and in need of business on Sundays than they are on Saturdays.

Also MY birthday is coming up on December 14th. More specifically my 21st birthday. I am excited and happy, but less so than I thought I would be. At least for the actual night. I'm not really into partying. And getting so drunk I throw up does not sound fun at all. I am much more excited for the following Sunday when Grant and I will be taking advantage of another perk from the resort I work at; the employee room rate! $100 on Friday and Saturday, $50 every other night. For a 4 diamond hotel that is fantastic! Just a night away with him and no other worries sounds perfect to me. :)

My last day at work is going to be the 21st of December. Then I'll be packing and seeing family for the holiday, then it's time for the big move! That's for the next post, though. ;)

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  1. No wonder you're excited. Must be fun to work in such a luxurious place and then be able to enjoy its amenities. Go you!