Saturday, November 19, 2011

I Love my Job, But my Boyfriend More

Conversation with Grant that took place the other day:

Me: I really love my job! My supervisor is finally noticing everything I do at work, and he's really appreciative. He said he's not looking forward to me leaving next month. I like the people I work with, everyone is so helpful and nice. The resort is beautiful and most of the time the guests are laid back and relaxed. How am I going to find a job just as wonderful in Park City?!

Grant: I'm going to be the good boyfriend here and tell you something you already know, you don't need to go to Utah with me. We can do long distance again if you want to.

Me: You're an idiot if you think I want to be away from you for 6 months again. It's just a job, I know I'll find another!

He really is wonderful. He didn't have to say that I had the choice not to go with him, I already knew that. He also already knew I had made the decision to go wherever he was going a long time ago! Being in a long distance relationship with him for 6 months was one of the hardest things I have ever done. It was worth every second when I finally got to be in his arms again. I am very excited to be moving to Utah with him!

Something I realized a while ago was that people will always take precedence in my life. No job will ever be more important than my family. Grant is definitely considered family to me, and being with him is more important than a job. Does this mean I have bad work ethic? No. I arrive at work early every day, I work my butt off while I'm there, and then I happily get my butt home when my work day is done! Coming home to him is one of the best parts of my day. :D

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