Saturday, November 14, 2009

Happy Surprises

When I cam home last night I had two awesome surprises waiting for me! The first was a box of goodies from Jaz at Octoberfarm!

It came all wrapped up! It made me feel like I was opening a birthday or Christmas present.

There was even a card and chocolates!


She even included an extra jar of her homemade pepper jelly- which I can't wait to try! I'm going to have it out for Thanksgiving.

A honey bear. :)

The jar of preserves.

More candy! Which was tempted to eat for breakfast...

Instead I had some of the yummy jam on an english muffin.

After a few bites I decided to try it with peanut butter... it made the best PB&J I've ever had!

The ingredient list for the jam.

I ate my breakfast while reading my new book that I won from Mrs. B's 31 Days of Halloween! Once I get good at crocheting (I'm seriously stuck right now! I need to see if my aunt Taunya can help me...) I am going to start making some of these wicked cute things. My goal: to be able to make these by this time next year. Then I can make a bunch and have a giveaway with them!

I have won so many great things this year. I want to have a giveaway of my own! I am brainstorming now to try and come up with something I can giveaway. Hmm, I wonder how well fudge would travel? I don't really know what else I'd be able to make and mail to someone. I can't really make anything cool that isn't food. xD

I am so thankful for my amazing blog buddies. Thank you Joyce! Thank you Mrs. B! And thank you to everyone who reads my blog!


  1. The jam looks delicious! I love the way you started out your day!

  2. Isn't Jaz the best?! She finds the most wonderful things!

  3. Oh how fun! Such deliciously lovely surprises! :)

  4. hey! glad you received your package! i was just wondering if it arrived and came to your blog to send a message and there it was! cool!

  5. That rocks! You are being showered with the gift of good luck, so happy for you Tori and look at all those treasures. It's true, doing a giveaway of food is so complicated, especially when it comes to the border stuff but wow, to have some of your fudge?! What a delicious thought.

  6. Wow! Jaz is just amazing, isn't she? She gives the best gifts! :)