Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I figured I would share a few things about myself for anyone who hasn’t been here before and may have decided to stop by after reading my guest post at Mrs. B’s.

When I first started this blog it was meant to be a way for me to meet and talk to other Pagans. If you read my posts you can tell that it has transformed from that to me talking about my whole life. So, about me- I am 18, I’m Pagan, I love literature, and I’m currently a freshman at the New England Culinary Institute where I am majoring in Hospitality and Restaurant Management. While here I am developing a plan for the restaurant I want to own and manage. I just realized that I haven’t actually clued any of my blog buddies in on what my restaurant plans are, so that’s a post you can all look forward to at some point soon!

My blog is really just a place for me to record where my path is taking me. I talk about what I’m learning in life, what I do (not much), and a whole bunch of random stuff that no one probably cares about. I hope if you’ve never been here before you decide to keep reading, I love finding new blogs to read.

Random Fact: Keene, NH- the biggest "city" near my hometown- had the world record for most jack-o'-lanterns carved and lit in one place, until Boston beat us in 2006.


  1. stopping by to say hi from mrs b's blog --love your blog!!!

  2. I personally can't wait to hear about your restaurant Tori, I hope from the comments you left about food on my foodie blog that it will have a more home-cooked feeling to it. I would totally go to that kind of restaurant! I love more "real down home" type cooking than fancy food, although fancy food is great now and then.

  3. Oh - I just posted about Keene a week ago - I've always wanted to see their jack-o-lantern display!

    And random stuff is good - we care - it's how I find cool things and ideas!

    Enjoying your blog!



  4. I love reading random stuff! I look forward to reading about your restaurant. :) I just finished reading Mists of Avalon too, and I was surprised at how much I had forgotten!

  5. Tori
    I've always loved your blog! & also look forward to hearing more of your restaurant plans! Slow food movement (local & much OG) is really big in our area (Pacific NW) & I also feel you'll head in that direction - a perfect match for your path!
    & all our blogs are a bit random :)